Coronavirus and the labor market. Temporary layoffs and L4, Poland in the forefront of the European Union – Eurostat data

In the last quarter of last year, the economic disruption affected more than 3.1 million workers in the European Union, according to the latest data released by the statistics office Eurostat. Most of them occurred in France, Italy and Spain. Poland was also at the forefront, with a large number of employees at L4.

Eurostat data shows that the number of absenteeism in the fourth quarter exceeded 22.3 million. For comparison, in the third quarter there were approximately 17.9 million absenteeism, in the second quarter – 35.3 million, and in the first – 23.5 million. In the same period a year ago, the number of absentees exceeded 18 million.

This is about scheduled absences, like vacation, but also unplanned absences, like sickness and vacation. The data relates to employees between the ages of 20 and 64. Most importantly, the figures from Germany are missing from the Eurostat data.

Coronavirus and the labor market

France recorded the largest number of employee absenteeism in the last quarter of 2020. Their number exceeded 4 million. Italy came second. In the last three months of last year, there were more than 2.4 million absences in the Apennine Peninsula. Not much less, because almost 2.2 million cases of absenteeism occurred in Spain.

Poland ranked fourth in this regard. According to Eurostat data, more than 1.3 million were recorded absenteeism from work in our country in the fourth quarter. This means an increase compared to the third quarter, when their number was less than 1.1 million. In the corresponding period in 2019, the number of absentees also did not exceed 1.1 million.

In 2020, the largest number of employee absenteeism cases was recorded in Poland in the second quarter – just over 2 million employees.

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– Dismissal from work and 4

Of the total number of absences, more than 3.1 million were due to economic disruption. For comparison, in the same period of the previous year, their number was just over 289,000.

France has had the largest number of work breaks, with 686,000 employees. Almost 600,000 workers have temporarily lost their jobs in Italy. In Spain, this number did not exceed half a million. Greece was also at the forefront – 155,000 employees.

Poland closed the top five. According to Eurostat, 113,000 employees were affected by the economic downturn in our country in the fourth quarter. Whereas a year ago it was 21.9 thousand people. The largest number of temporary layoffs was recorded in Poland in 2020 in the second quarter – 639.2 thousand. In the third quarter, we saw a slowdown – up to 61,900 layoffs.

According to the data of the European Statistical Office, the number of employees at L4 in the fourth quarter in the entire European Union reached close to 4.4 million.

As in the previous ranking, France was in the lead – 876.5 thousand employees. Poland is ranked third, after Spain. In our country, in the last three months of last year, there were nearly 370,000 people on L4. For comparison, the previous quarter was 247.1 thousand people, and in the same period a year ago – 260.5 thousand people.

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