Countries declare in turn: they will continue to be vaccinated with the Astrogeneca vaccine

The EMA has evaluated the corona virus vaccine jointly developed by the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstroGeneca and the University of Oxford, but the EU Pharmacology Institute says it considers further testing necessary.

Across Europe, many countries have discontinued immunizations with this vaccine after some patients developed anemia after receiving the vaccine.

Latvia and Lithuania were again vaccinated with AstraZeneca on Friday, the health ministers of the two countries said. Lithuanian Health Minister Arunas Tulkis said the confidence in AstraZeneca would be vaccinated on Friday, along with President Gitanos Nouseda, Prime Minister Ingrida Simonit, the Speaker of Parliament and himself.

Vaccination with AstraZeneca will resume in Bulgaria on Friday, the head of the Drug Surface Authority said on Thursday. Bokton Grilov said there was no direct link between the vaccine and death in a study of a woman who died a few hours after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

Camila Stoltenberg, president of the Norwegian Public Health Service, said the vaccine, which was ordered on March 11, would be suspended. The company will take a stand by the end of next week.

Prior to the announcement of the EMA, Norwegian researchers had reported signs of strong immunity in patients vaccinated with astraZeneca and showed blood clots. Paul Andre Home, chief physician at Oslo University Hospital, said complications occurred between the third and tenth day of vaccination.

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