COVID-19 vaccines. The adults of them traveled hundreds of kilometers

Over a million fewer vaccines will come to Poland next week, reportedly …

The Kowalski family traveled more than 420 kilometers to be vaccinated in Wałbrzych from the vicinity of Tarczyn.

My son was driving his car and he came with us because after the vaccination you feel differently, so it would be dangerous to drive. And this is how it will take us home safely – Zbigniew Kowalski explains.

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Just two hours later, at the same point in Old Mine in Wałbrzych, the neighbors of Mrs. Elżbieta and Mr. Zbigniew volunteered to get the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Their path to immunity was longer, because they drove directly from the sanatorium in Kolobrzeg, less than 500 kilometers.

Exactly 6 weeks ago, the Kowalskis and Grochowski family were together to get their first dose of vaccine. Then, to get to eight in the morning, they would leave the house at night.

“It deserves a lot for health.”

They decided to travel so far, because they wanted to be vaccinated as quickly as possible, and they could not count on the date of their stay. Despite government assurances.

– That many vaccinations are carried out at the National Stadium. I just got angry. Unfortunately, we were not able to do this in the great capital, nor in the neighborhood, in Mazowieckie in general, Elipita Kowalska explained on March 13th. We were calling Grodzisk and Radom, anywhere, unfortunately, we weren’t there yet. And she signed up for the vaccination Jan 11th – Alexandra Groschowska explained the same day.

They wanted time because they are seriously ill. A month before the first vaccination, Ms. Elipita was diagnosed with a bone marrow tumor. Her husband fights lung cancer. The Grochowscy family is also after cancer.

It deserves a lot for your health. Also, if there was this option and it was possible, the husband felt healthy, the neighbor was also mobile, and we were able to somehow connect it – said Alexandra in March.

At this age, you have to take care of your health. Zbigniew Kowalski said there is a chance a person will feel less if something happens.

They do not regret choosing Weberzich. They know that many of the elderly with less mobility did not have such a choice. However, everyone is encouraged to get vaccinated – regardless of time and place.

– There is peace of mind. I want to be safe for myself and for someone – says Wojciech Grochowski. We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated, because they will simply be more resistant, says Elipita Kwalska.

Author: Paulina Chacińska / Source: TVN24 Afternoon Facts

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