Dandelion Honey – Health Benefits, What It Contains, How To Eat

Dandelion honey with a beautiful golden color is considered one of the noblest types of honey. It is also very expensive, because it is very rare. However, it does contain many health benefits due to the plant it is obtained from.

  1. What does dandelion honey contain?
  2. What diseases does dandelion honey help?
  3. How to use dandelion honey?
  4. How is honey stored?

Dandelion honey is obtained from the yellow flowers of the dandelion, the so-called dandelion, a common plant that appears in spring (and only then) in meadows, on roads, and even in city lawns. Although it should appear to be easily accessible, as dandelion grows almost everywhere, this is not the case, as bees often use dandelion nectar for their own needs. Dandelion honey is also called Mayo honey, because only in May the dandelion blooms profusely.

What does dandelion honey contain?

Dandelion honey is light yellow to almost orange in color. It is very sweet and slightly acidic and crystallizes very quickly, and has a slightly felt dandelion smell. Dandelion honey mainly contains sugars (fructose and glucose), essential oils, organic acids and valuable enzymes, in addition to:

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What diseases does dandelion honey help?

Dandelion honey is valuable because, like other honeys, it contains a number of substances that are beneficial to health, in addition to those that are characteristic of dandelion. This honey works well for:

How to use dandelion honey?

Dandelion honey can be used like any other honey honey. First of all, it is worth replacing white sugar with it, because it is definitely more valuable than sugar. It is suitable for sweetening tea, but you need to remember to add it to a cold drink to around 50 ° C – in hot water, honey loses its valuable properties. It can be poured on muffins, added to muffins or porridge, eaten with cheese, or simply as an addition to bread.

How is honey stored?

Honey should be stored in a tightly closed jar, preferably at room temperature. Choose a dark or shaded place for it to not stand directly in the sun. Honey can be stored for a long time because it does not deteriorate, but over time it loses some of its valuable value.

The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that if there are any health problems, consult a doctor.

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