David Jaffe, creator of the “God of War” series, joins the Polish movie game studio [Tylko u nas]

There has been no such transfer in the Polish industry so far. Famous developers like Chris Avillon or Stuart Black were hired, but with the goal of making specific games. Now a man in legend mode will become a member of the supervisory board and a consultant for a Polish company. He will also think about his own game.


Movie Games is one of many companies that derives directly from the great PlayWay, the giant of the Polish stock exchange among game developers, publishers and a generous investor with more than 110 companies. Both companies in the industry are definitely efficient in terms of business. They skillfully reject unprofitable projects at an early stage, often creating small products with little investment, which pay off even a day after their first offer. In November 2020, the movie boasted increases of 539 percent. And revenues at the level of 10 million Polish zloty.

At the same time, both companies are known for their rather small production which is not noticed by most of the media. Movie Games still lacks the quality of production that would reverberate widely and would set this studio on the game developer map in this part of Europe.

In 2018 Movie Games convinced us during a visit to their companyThe projects they choose must have “something unique and attractive” and be “interesting and innovative enough” to arouse the interest of players and defend themselves. The Tipping Point was scheduled to be released that year.303 Squadron: Battle of Britain“, Near the premiere of two movies on the same theme. It didn’t happen, the game – just like the movies – was not rated well.


The movie games, however, did not give up. “In 2021, we enter the AA sector,” says Piotr Gnyp, the company’s chief marketing officer. AA, that is, games with a larger budget, made by a studio of tens to dozens of people. Do not try to match the big blows taken by teams of hundreds of people, but with aspirations to break through the “high quality middle shelf”.

Attention is drawn to industry legend, David Jaffe – the innovator, among others the legendary and still alive brand.God of WarThe new part of it is currently awaited by millions of players.


The excitement of small projects

David Jaffe has been making games since the early 1990s; in 2017, after the latest release, he suspended his role as a producer, but remained active as a commentator and broadcast player eager to offer players new titles. Including those who are not famous. One of them was “Lust from Beyond”. He posted his impressions on Twitter and it was through this site that he met Movie Games, who shortly offered him a job.

– There wasn’t much persuasion. After playing “Lust of Beyond” I started browsing their catalog of games myself. Not all of their titles interest me, but I clearly liked some of them. I’ve been making games for over 20 years and I miss the kind of games in my life that Movie Games do. The idea of ​​the collaboration was exciting to me – Jaffe admits.

However, the Polish company did not require Jaffe to create a new “god of Wara” for them or to lead a band immediately. David was appointed to the company as a “supervisory board candidate” and advisor, although, as he points out, “it was not a role he was looking for on his own.”


However, Movie Games does not have a good reputation. Looking at the headlines – it’s hard to say that their games are highly anticipated. What would the reaction be when players see an industry legend associated with a company with niche titles, quirky simulators, and a mildly-rated softcore game?

– I don’t care at all. I want to do what I personally love, what turns me on. It’s true that I sometimes win and sometimes lose with this approach, but it’s the only way to do great things all the time.

Jaffe explains that the game, which sold 60,000 games, was considered a huge success in the early 1990s. cut. Later on, those numbers start to hit the million, as the gaming industry has to overpay for less creativity or a less technical level of production.

The larger the budget, the greater the audience for your product, be it a game, movie, or music, the less crazy and innovative it is. In contrast, creative and innovative products have a better chance of creating in mid-sized studios.

Davide Jaffe with the Spike TV Video Game Awards (2005)
Image source: © Getty Images | John Shearer

Davide Jaffe with the Spike TV Video Game Awards (2005)

Return with the risk

But why was the decision to invite a game developer recognized as a supervisory board member and not someone to act directly as a project leader?


“The gaming industry has changed dramatically over the years,” Jaffe repeats. He notes that AAA publishers are dominated by big budgets, and although creative and ambitious games continue to exist, the risk of creating them has become too great.

– When I was thinking about going back to creating games for Sony for a couple of years, a friend told me, “It’s still great there, and there are still good games, but it’s a completely different company.” The risk of developing AAA games is rising, and it’s hard to hit 10 when it comes to the creativity and entertainment gamers expect, Jaffe adds.

Sony is a great studio, with a lot of creative ideas, but it also has to “excel” a lot. They just released “Back”, which is a great and very ambitious game. Just to achieve this effect, they might have had to cancel production from 20 other disastrous projects we’d never hear about. As the saying goes: You have to whip some eggs to make an omelette.

David Jaffe in a conversation with polygamy
Image source: © Movie Games

David Jaffe in a conversation with polygamy

– If someone asks me if I want to be the manager in charge of the new “God of Wara”, then – depending on the type of people I have under my leadership – I’ll probably think about it, but … these aren’t things I want to do right now. AAA games have gotten so huge, and there are so many “chefs in the kitchen” out there that you stop hacking into your personal vision.


This is why Jaffe will do something completely different in Movie Games. At least for now.

Looking for chemistry

David’s daily chores and duties? As strange as it may sound, there is no such thing as yet.

David not only made budget games but indie games as well. He currently does broadcasts and chats about games, so he’s on the flip side too – he’s very aware of what gamers like and don’t like. It’ll tell us different things either as a product or as a reviewer – says Piotr Gnyp.

We will show him all our projects and capabilities in detail, we will meet with our leading innovators and we will discover the best way to collaborate and use his knowledge and skills.

In addition, as a member of the Board of Directors, he will be able to judge and criticize us. And this is the best way for us to grow – adds Matthews and Czechniak, president of Movie Games.

Image source: © Movie Games


Gnyp adds that Jaffe is supposed to “run and change the company, not to raise sales levels or help with a particular game.” But it is very likely that the time for the original “God of Wara” creator will soon come.

Piotr and Matthews say they also hope their collaboration will develop over time.

– We want to avoid rushing. If there is chemistry between us, that’s great. This is how we approached Platige Image, because it was only from conversation with them that we had similar ideas for games and could do something together – premature adds.

Platige Image wants to create games with Movie Games. "Epic adventure and gangster"

Platige Image wants to create games with Movie Games. Gangster Adventure Saga

No exceptions

What could be a new game? Older fans are sure to count on the comeback of the popular “Twisted Metal”, but Jaffe calms the enthusiasm quickly. Both when it comes to the new part and updating the old part.

– It’s problematic. Whether it’s a remaster or a new game for a popular franchise that has been out of production for so long, there is a certain risk involved. A game for different people becomes a different memory. When we released the final game in 2012, there were quite a few people who loved it for its online status. But there were also those who hated it, as they preferred to focus on the story from the previous games. If you fail to match everyone’s expectations completely and release the game under a famous brand, it will only make a mess.

Jaffe adds, however, that he does not rule out that through advanced collaboration, the topic of making an online car fighting game will emerge, which could be inspired by the game “Twisted Metal” or “Rocket League”: “It seems logical that we will talk about it at some point. What is in movie games. “

Nor is it hard to imagine that Jaffe would be more involved in the possible sequel to “Lust from Beyond.” And then what? Jaffe says the motto was mentioned in initial conversations that Movie Games wants to create its own AAA in 5-10 years, but maintains he’s not sure if he wants to make games of this caliber again.

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