Days Gone 2 will not be created, the reproduction of The Last of Us is superfluous – players do not understand Sony’s decision

Information indicating that Days Gone 2 will not be created, and that the Sony team is working on a remake of the first movie The Last of Us, has angered Sony fans.

Yesterday’s information has already been circulating in the world. We learned Sony is not interested in producing Days Gone 2 due to the critical reception of reviewers and the high cost of development, rather than strength. Bend went to work on the new Uncharted. If that wasn’t enough, the Japanese company made a decision Create a new edition The last of us.

This information has infuriated PlayStation fans very much, who believe that Sony has frozen one of the most interesting brands in the company’s portfolio, plus creates a refreshing adventure for Ellie and Joel, which is still fully playable. In fact, the community is waiting for the remake of the iconic games from PlayStation 1 and 2, not the items made for 7th or 8th generation consoles.

We can notice the dissatisfaction not only in forums and websites that are strictly focused on video games, but also in people’s posts regarding yesterday’s article by Jason Schreyer. Honestly, it’s hard to disagree with them:

Let’s hope Sony comments on the entry of the aforementioned journalist as soon as possible. Too many “sinks” have spilled, and if we do not receive such a response from “blue puddles” for a maximum of the next few weeks, we can safely say that the above reports are correct.

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