Days Gone from PC in the trailer! Sony displays the improvements and confirms the release date and price

Sony has just introduced an improved version of Days Gone. The game will be on the market next month, and today we can check out the improved production. Players can prepare for a number of improvements.

Sony is not interested in developing Days Gone 2But Bend Studio Production is the perfect title to introduce to a wider audience. On May 18, Days Gone will premiere on PC, and according to information available on Steam – Players are required to prepare PLN 169.

The developers have taken care of a number of improvements that will make Days Gone look better on PCs. Those interested will check the site on the ultra-wide screens, and will be able to play with the fluidity of the unblocked animation, the authors have taken care to beautify the game. The creators increased the level of detail, visibility, and painted the distance of the leaves.

The trailer also emphasizes the use of a wide variety of consoles – players work with Deacon without any issues with Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One pad. The material also shows the possibilities for customizing the game on the mouse and keyboard.

In the gallery you will find some screens prepared for the computer. In the near future, there will be specific comparisons that will place Days Gone on various platforms.


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