Doda revealed a surprising secret. The husband made it a condition in sons – o2

Doda has organized a Q&A for her fans on Instagram and the & nbspta forma has garnered huge interest. There was no shortage of challenging questions in live chat. Internet users were mainly interested in her private life.

Who wouldn’t want children in Doda’s marriage?

So the famous singer had the opportunity to clarify some rumors that had long circulated on the gossip portals. One of them is the relationship with Emil Stępie. Apparently, her marriage is on the verge of collapse, evidence of this, among other things, is the fact that the partner rarely appears on social networks. Why is it like that?


Because I only want to own the field for myself. My career is a big exhibition, Special will never be again. never – Dorota Rabczewska explained.

It was one of the most difficult questions about children. Why is the 37-year-old still without children? There have been rumors about the husband’s desire to have children, but a worm does not agree to this. But the truth is completely different.


Baby, I’ll tell you a little secret, maybe shocking: Adults talk about very basic and important things before marriage, you know? – & nbspaid star.

Then Emile Stobio, who accompanied her through the questions and answers, also spoke. He admitted that, ironically, the absence of children is the “prerequisite”. What did Doda say to that?

The singer said with an amusing laugh – and it was ironic that he was my favorite state.


So there is no longer any doubt. Doda and nbspStępień will not have children, as that was their joint decision. Are you surprised

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