Dominic, cuddle yourself! Konichni and Clima quarreled about the hospital.

The head of the municipal economy committee noted that patients still do not have full access to the hospital in Jamovsky. There is no emergency room for uninfected patients. People are dying and losing their health in our region. The head of the committee said that the tragedies are unspeakable and the decision-makers are calm. The criticism directed at city and county authorities has not been spared for their lack of struggle to return the clinic to pre-virus jobs.

The message is not correct

The second vice-president, Dariush Buloy, who listened to him, finally stated that “the lies appear in the president’s statements.”

Your message is not correct because the facts are that the hospital transfer to a Covid hospital took place without the approval of the local government. It was an independent decision by Voivodeship and it has been said many times. Dominic Konichny emphasized that this is an indisputable fact.

Upon hearing Klima’s thesis that the establishment of a single hospital had harmed patients not affected by the Coronavirus, Konchenyi was indignant. – It is related to the extent of our assistance to Covid-19 patients in establishing such a hospital – Dr. Konchenyi.

He opposed the statement that people in the area were dying because of local government officials. “They are dying from the Coronavirus, the pandemic,” he said.

Dominic Konchenyi, Deputy Mayor of Ratchibors

According to D. Konieczny, the conversion of the hospital was a good step, thanks to which many people recovered. – That such a hospital is with us, we should be proud – he told the advisers from the Economic Committee. He attacked Klima so much that he was involved in the affairs of the full opening of the hospital, because he lost money during the epidemic and then his bitterness (Klima has a pharmacy in the Jamuska Clinic).

– I’m shocked and angry – Piotr Klima admitted

The head of the commission stated that to this day he does not know why the Voivodeship, since the changes were announced at the Racibórz Hospital, the city president went. Is it a servile arrangement whereby you obey the Voivodeship? I would have resigned from his post and left the province as a normal citizen, so as not to endorse him with my own – confirmed B. He is convinced that this decision has left those suffering from other illnesses up for themselves.

You measure it with your own size

In response to Konichny’s comments about Klima’s pharmacy, the chief counselor accused him of hating him. I had to find a job for the staff to not fire the pharmacists. I had to get rid of medication from this facility. You’re probably going to judge by his own yardstick that if he’s in my place, that’s how he’s going to handle it, just looking at money. I posted my country, so that as many people as possible discover that there is a need to fight for a city hospital – the president summed up.

The former president of Racibórz was upset with the discussion Miroslav Link. He turned to Vice Domain, who had known him for years and had good relations.

Dominic, hold on to yourself, man! – Link appealed to Vice President Konichni.

Let us remind you that in the February session of this year there was a dispute between Dominic Konchenyi and Council Member Henrik Mainos. At the meeting, the gentlemen began to exchange comments loudly, and the mayor of the local government was offended. Konishni did not apologize, and his superior defended the subordinate, saying that he was courteous with the council members, and that the council members did not keep their line.

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