€ 100 million for CPK. The National Reconstruction Plan will support railway investments

The National Reconstruction Plan was sent to Brussels on May 4 and is awaiting approval. The document is roughly 500 pages long and we’re still figuring out what money will be set aside union Reconstruction Fund. at KPO There are no clear definite answers and the “what, where, when and how much” the possibilities. Instead, we’ve received vague plans for electric mobility, green energy, innovation, or an investment in transportation, or new nurseries and homes.

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Building CPK hasn’t started, board earning tens of thousands. Houria: I don’t think it’s a lot.

€ 100 million for CPK from the National Reconstruction Plan

We already know that 100 million euro From the European Union Reconstruction Fund before Central communications port. This money will go towards railway investments, namely wash Design (including obtaining permits and administrative decisions) on departments:

  • Łętownia-Rzeszów,
  • Lownes Zamosc,
  • Ostroca-umita-gichiko,
  • Żarów-Wałbrzych – state border.

The Central Communications Port rail program assumes the construction of 1,800 km on twelve rail routes. 10 of them will be the so-called leading speakers from different regions from Poland to Warsaw and STH. The program will be completed by 2034.

Construction of the Central Communications Port will begin in 2023.The construction of the CPK will provide 1,800 kilometers of railways. The government has adopted an infrastructure development plan

National Reconstruction Plan – What Will the Money Go to?

We know only some of KPO’s assumptions. Among these:

  • Incentives to work longer, such as reducing income tax on wages of people who would be entitled to retirement pension, but who decided to continue working (not collecting a pension;
  • 10 billion Polish zlotys (5 billion Polish zlotys from the Reconstruction Fund and 5 billion Polish zlotys from the state budget) for the construction of 71.7 thousand apartments in the years 2022-2026;
  • Establishment of the Hospital Development Agency;
  • A new type of company called social enterprises for excluded people (such as people with disabilities or immigrants).

Construction of the Central Communications Port will begin in 2023.CPK will be built with the Koreans. Sign the contract on Friday

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