Edward from the “Love Sanitarium” in love. Show a photo of his “cat”

Edward of the Sanatorium of Love is no longer alone. A picture of his sweetheart appeared on his profile.

He wasn’t quite capable of being a gentleman on the show. He criticized his friends and spoke openly about what he thought about them.

He believed that a woman should obey a man and follow his orders, which earned him the nickname “dictator” on the Internet.

“The role of a woman is to be beautiful and graceful. Women should listen to men” – he emphasized.

Before retiring, he worked as a policeman. He has been married for many years and has two daughters. He is also the grandfather of two sons and a granddaughter.

A few weeks ago, a patient from the village of Cherniku near Torun told him that after the program ended, he “met a cute cat”.

“Finally, a feeling came to me with spring. I love and are loved,” – he said.

The beloved is called Hanna and comes from Bydgoszcz. The couple sees it mostly on the weekends. Idyk travels 80 km to reach his “cat”. A joint photo of the two of them appeared on the network …

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