Electronic music’s Close-Naboka legend Rodion Roska dies

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Rodion Rosca, a musician from Cluj-Napoca, died of a long illness. Massol writes Mentioning Roska’s daughter’s Facebook post.

Rodion Rosca, also known as the father of Romanian electronic music, announced to fans at a show at the Electric Castle Festival in 2016 that he was seriously ill and that this might be his last show. According to the Cluj-Napoca newspaper, he had hepatitis B and C infection and advanced cirrhosis.

According to the paper, the musician, who was born in Cluj-Napoca in 1953, had a Hungarian mother and a Romanian father. In 1975, he founded his band, Rodion GA, which played a mix of electronic music and progressive rock with a very distinctive sound, often ahead of international trends. Rodion was the first in Romania to use the modeling method in the 80s, recording his songs with his own instruments rather than in a studio setting.

In recent decades, he has almost completely forgotten that he lived his life in a small Romanian village, even the Guardian in 2018 She interviewed him on that topicHe was the forgotten superstar of electronic music. Index in 2016 Made a report film about it, You should see:

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