Elle Goulding became a mother! We haven’t seen such a creative way to report births yet

Singer known for “Love Me Like You Do” Eli Goulding Gave birth to. Her husband Caspar Jopling gave the happy news on Instagram in a somewhat original way. See for yourself.

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Elle Goulding gave birth to her first child!

Elle Goulding became a mother on a Sunday afternoon. In February, the singer reported her condition – she was already in an advanced state of pregnancy. Now her boyfriend Caspar Jopling has submitted the news of the birth on Instagram. However, he did not disclose the gender of the child, nor did he upload photos from the hospital as famous parents usually do. Choose a more complicated way – share a screen from the search engine with the inhabitants of the world and add someone else to it.

InstaStory Caspara JoplingInstaStory Caspara Jopling [email protected]

In the next photo on InstaStory, the singer’s husband reported on his wife’s health and requested privacy.

The mother and the baby are healthy and happy. I am very grateful. I don’t usually care about the attention that comes with Ellie’s work, but in this magical and personal moment, we really want to enjoy our privacy. Thank you – we read on Instagram about our newly baked daddy.

InstaStory Caspara JoplingInstaStory Caspara Jopling [email protected]

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There are so many congratulations on the web to parents of newborns, whom gossip naturally joins!

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