Epic Games does not stock any free games, instead there are add-ons to the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms [Aktualizacja]

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April 29, 2021, 5:05 pm

Today ?? From 17:00 Polish time until next Thursday, you will be able to receive a bundle of add-ons to the Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms for free. Usually it is worth $ 100, or about 377 PLN.

[Aktualizacja] Additions to Idle Heroes of Forgotten Realms Available now for free on the Epic Games Store. It will be available next week Pine.

Epic Games has grown accustomed to the free games distributed on its platform. After all, he’s been doing this for over two years. But this time we have something ?? Slightly different, which does not mean that it is less valuable. We are talking about a bundle of add-ons for Idle Heroes of Forgotten Realms With a total value of $ 100 (about 377 PLN). Will you be able to get it by logging into the title on the Epic Games Store from today? From 5 pm Poland time. Even now, however, you can still customize production for your accounts udostêpnione Last week, ie Alien: Isolation And the Hand of Fate 2.

Idle Heroes of Forgotten Realms Developed by Codename Entertainment Inc. Production that combines RPG and strategy elements. It is distributed in free run model. Doing the title takes us to so-called forgotten lands ?? Known scientist, for example from Baldur Gate Course A paper RPG Dungeons and dragons. During the game, we have the opportunity to control a team consisting of a number of well-known games or novels of heroes, and to travel through levels full of enemies and treasures. Interestingly, in theory, we don’t have to be actively involved in overcoming the odd stages. The title passes by itself (except perhaps the bosses), and our intervention simply speeds it up (by clicking on the enemies, we do more damage to them). Our tasks also include character development and proper preparation, as well as equipment selection.

  1. Idle Heroes of Forgotten Worlds from the Epic Games Store

As part of the freebie, players will receive the following items:

  1. Heroes Spurt (Rank 3), Krull (Rank 6), Black Viper (Rank 7), Hew Maan (Rank 8) and Nova V’Ger (Rank 11);
  2. Spurt Boxes: 16 Gold Spurt Boxes (with 2 Packs of Shiny Equipment Guaranteed);
  3. King Chests: 16 Gold King Chests (with 2 shiny equipment cards guaranteed);
  4. Chests for Black Viper: 16 Gold Black Viper Chests (with 2 Glitter Equipment Cards guaranteed);
  5. Chests for Hew Maan: 16 Gold Chests of Hew Maan (with 2 cards of Shiny Equipment guaranteed);
  6. Nova Boxes: 16 Gold Boxes for Nova (with 2 cards of Glittering Equipment guaranteed);
  7. Dwa chowañce: Baby Spurt i Iris the Beholder.

Offer a free add-on package for Idle Heroes of Forgotten Realms It will run until May 6. When we officially find out what the Epic Games Store has in store for us next, we’ll update this news.

  1. The official Epic Games Store website

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