European League. Final in Gdansk with the audience?

The one-month Europa League final has been set in Gdansk. There is a fight against time for the fans to come to the match.

Behind the scenes PKO BP Ekstraklasa match Lechia Gdańsk – Legia Warsaw We managed to see that the Europa League final could be played with the participation of the crowd. Why was this consistent with that from which such important information could be obtained? Well, in Gdańsk-Letnica, where Lechia will be played daily, on May 26, 2021. Let us remind you that Neptune would have hosted the second best finalists in terms of prestige for European Games early in 2020. After that, the outbreak of the coronavirus caused Change the deadline from May to August, then move to the following year. In the end, the 2019/20 European League was decided in Germany by so-called “bubbles”.

– We are waiting for the final decision. We are in constant contact with UEFA and PZPN, who in turn communicate with the government and Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki – says Adam Korol, Director of the Gdask President’s Office of Sport. – We really want some of the stands to be filled with masses. Of course, if the situation permits, a lot depends on how the epidemic situation will develop in Poland. On the other hand, such a decision cannot be made at the last moment, because we also have to prepare for it. In any case, there is hope that fans will show up during the finals in the stands and efforts are being made on this – Corroll said in “Tri-City” mutation of “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

In the districts near the municipalities, we were able to find out that today there are two options for the public for the European League Final. The first is a game without an audience, and the second is a match with a 25 percent rate. Fills the stadium, which will give about 10 thousand. Fans. We know unofficially that the second option is more likely. If it had been otherwise, the final would have already been “disqualified” from Gdansk. This happened with Dublin and Bilbao, who could not guarantee the match with the fans during Euro 2020. In this case, the matches of the Poles were transferred from the aforementioned locations to Saint Petersburg and Seville respectively.

For the European League Final, the issue of public participation should be clarified by the end of the month or in the early days of May, as the Polish government will ease restrictions on the epidemic.

There are four teams left in winning the European League – two English teams: Man United and Arsenal, Roma of Italy and Villarreal of Spain. Only the last of these teams played in Gdansk in the past – the old Lecia stadium at 29 Traugotta Street. In 2010, in the sparring Piao Ziloni (with the slogan of the 30th anniversary of “Solidarity” on the shirts) tied 1-1 with “Yellow Submarine”.


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