Eurovision 2021. Micha Mic Wiśniewski Realistically About Rafaash Brzuzovsky’s Potential Success: “Opportunities are Nothing”

In mid-March, Telewizja Polska announced that the representative of our country this year in the Eurovision Song Contest will be Raphael Brzuzovsky. The choice of TVP was received by fans of the event with moderate enthusiasm, and the complex situation did not help either Alicja SzemplińskaWhich did not represent us a year ago due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since the song was introduced ride w & nbspśniadaniówce Raphael Brzuzovsky He didn’t focus much on promoting the piece, but on trying to yell at critics who didn’t expect him to succeed in the competition. Right now, he’s totally reluctantly doing it, and the track signed by his name is on & nbspogonie is one of this year’s favorite songs. There is also more and more votes that Raphael may not reach the finals.


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Earlier, he criticized Raphael’s proposal regarding Eurovision, among others Elipita ZabindowskaThat I simply mentioned “Not every nice boy should sing”. He himself maintains, however, that the piece he has promoted maintains a world class standard, and that the Poles will never recognize his talent again. Who’s right, we’ll find out in a few weeks.


Now he also commented on this issue Michel WiniewskiWho represented us twice at Eurovision as Commander of Ich Troje. Although the red-haired singer claims that Rapai took advantage of the opportunity that came to him and showed his vocal talent, that does not bode well for him with great success in the competition.

There are no chances. You know I’m not hiding behind diplomacy. Sometimes it happens that someone takes decisions that are a little bit forced and not very organized. This is the case in this case. (…) I understand it was one of Raphael’s attempts and he had this opportunity, so he took advantage of it. I will not criticize the characters because there is no doubt that they can sing. However, whenever we go to the Eurovision Song Contest it has to be a Polish song, which is Swedish. This is my personal opinion, so I am bitter about this fact – & nbsp Michał stated during a conversation with & nbspfans on Instagram.

Moreover, Wiśniewski does not understand why Alicja Szemplińska, who won this opportunity, was rejected.

For me, it is incomprehensible why Alicja Szemplińska did not go to the Eurovision Song Contest, because she won the initial selection overall, and the audience chose her, so she should go there. – & nbspwyrokuje.


Do you think that Rifai will soon prove to him that he was wrong?


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