Ewelina Lisowska offers a changed personality. Once upon a time she was afraid of gaining weight

Oelena Lisowska She has always been associated with a skinny look and long black hair. Recently, the singer boldly decided to change her hairstyle. She also shortened her hair and color. This is not the only change in the artist’s appearance.

The star went on vacation, being proud of pics. In the latest issue, Ewelina Lisowska collected a photo from the past and from this year’s holiday. And she indicated that she gained weight even though she had been afraid of it a lot before.

“ Same outfit, two different women. The person on the left was working hard on her “ideal” character. She believed that the Life Form weighed 45 kg. It goes without saying how much it cost in sacrifices and effort … Fear of being overweight was paralyzing, and the lack of training made me feel guilty. “

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Ewelina Lisowska on a healthy approach to your body

Later in the post, the singer wrote that she has given up and stopped chasing the idealistic character.

“In life, we do not always have time to submit everything to shape. The girl on the right realized that she had the right to take a break from the pursuit of the perfect body. She took it easy, enjoyed her life, and took off the burden of eternal chains. Taking care of ourselves is good and fun, but not if it rules our lives. Where is there room for comfort and happiness in this? “

Ewelina Lisowska admitted that she felt better and pleaded not to chase after perfection.

Even though the body has gained a few extra pounds, my head feels lighter. This is what a woman’s body looks like. Do we all need packages of six to be fulfilled? I would be happier with six boxes of muffins. No more chasing after Insta standards. Let’s take care of ourselves and our health, but let’s not be convinced that the ideal has a specific weight and measure– The singer finished entering.

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