Expert: Children should not be returning to school this year

Classes in schools and kindergartens are officially suspended until April 11. On Wednesday, Health Minister Adam Nideszelski announced the extension of the suspension for another week, until April 18.

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At the same time, the Health Ministry chief said that when it comes to educational issues – especially kindergartens and grades 1-3, these are “priority directions to ease restrictions.” – In the sense that the first steps we will take to restore normal life will be returning to kindergarten and returning to grades 1-3 – he emphasized. – I hope that kindergarten and those grades 1-3 in April will return to teaching – regular kindergarten, and grades 1-3 – at least in hybrid mode -.

– I am convinced that from April we will return to full-time education and in kindergartens and schools – said Minister of Education and Science Przemislav Kzarnik in an interview with PolskieRadio24. He also cited data that he viewed as “very promising”. Hence, he said, the restrictions were extended for only a week.

“Optimistic words”

Dr. Pawish Rajowsky said on Sunday in “Polsat News” that Minister Kazarnik had presented a “very optimistic” opinion. The doctor said: “Most teachers are now vaccinated against Covid-19 and they are safe, but parents of children, especially in grades 1-3, are young people who have not been vaccinated because of their age.”

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He indicated that children could be carriers of the Corona virus that was observed in previous months. – In my opinion, it would be safer to continue distance learning until the end of the current school year – added Rajewski.

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He also believes that on April 18 it will be necessary to extend the current restrictions. He thinks we will spend the long weekend in May the same way as Easter, and in the next 14 days the number of infections will show whether the Poles have complied with the holiday restrictions.

Referring to the restrictions and the situation in Poland, he said that the situation is expected to improve in the second half of May and June, when we start to notice the effect of mass vaccination and it will get warmer, so people will start spending more. Mostly outdoors, not indoors.

Politicians comment

The doctor’s words were commented on by politicians in the aforementioned “Breakfast at Polsat News and Interia”. Maria Cog (PiS) – in response to Dr. Rajowski’s words – wondered if we shouldn’t go back to the hybrid system. Obviously, we must listen to the opinions of the experts, but we must consider whether we should not return to the mixed system – she said. We know that distance learning causes changes in students’ psyche. But this issue should be left to the experts, she added.

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Artur Dziambour (Al-Ittihad) affirmed that the federation “has been supportive of open institutions from the very beginning”. He said that after this education we will have a “post-Covid generation.” This will be the “Covid” generation, something worse than “Gymbas” in the past. Those would be all the children who have now lost one year of their lives – the politician said – from the start, we’ve been in favor of not closing schools and now we’re in favor of returning to full-time education as soon as possible – Dziambor noted.

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In his speech, he cited the subject of government regulations regarding nurseries and kindergartens. Even the government cannot do the right thing. They suddenly closed nurseries and kindergartens, and media outlets reported that only healthcare workers and uniforms could use them. In the meantime, a decree was later issued in which 10 articles related to people who could send children to foster care were identified, and it turns out that anyone can send a child to nursery, if he tries.

Urszula Pasławska (PSL) noticed the chaos that arose. Minister Kazarnik comes out and says that the children will return to school in April, and within two days Minister Nidzelsky said that there would be no such possibility. What are parents and students to think about this? – asked the deputy.

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