Expert: We recommend that pregnant women be vaccinated against COVID-19

We recommend that pregnant women be vaccinated against COVID-19, which is also a hideous disease, said the obstetrician. Marius Zimmer. The Polish Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, led by a physician, will announce guidelines in this regard.

Head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the University Teaching Hospital in Wroclaw and President of the Polish Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Prof. Marius Zimmer assessed that the benefits of vaccinating pregnant women far outweigh the risks and dangers of developing the disease and the possibility of an acute course of the disease.

“COVID-19 in pregnant women is equally dangerous and terrible disease. So when we were asked if we were vaccinated, we answered: Yes. The second question is what are the standards and contraindications for a pregnant woman. It is mainly related to the so-called thrombotic disease” – said the professor. Zimmer.

He added that the Polish Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists under his leadership will announce a position on this matter in the coming days and will include instructions and recommendations regarding the vaccination of pregnant women.

“After more than a year of observations and experiments, it appears that COVID mainly represents two areas of the body. This is a lung region that is mostly life threatening because it leads to respiratory failure. The second area of ​​blood clotting that leads to blood clots is blood clots. This is what we fear. Also in pregnant women.

He explained that pregnancy is a condition that in itself leads to blood clots.

Therefore, the introduction of another agent, which may also be a factor that increases clotting, must be approached with great caution. But I would like to emphasize again: The risk of developing the disease is definitely worse than the possibility of post-stroke complications in the case of some vaccines, not all vaccines, ”the expert said.

“Thus, when analyzing all the pros and cons, we strongly recommend that, after medical verification, pregnant women be vaccinated against COVID-19,” the professor emphasized. Zimmer.

He added that it is recommended that pregnant women be vaccinated after 16 weeks of pregnancy, that is, after the process of organogenesis – the process of formation and development of organs during the growth of the fetus and larvae.

“Within a few months of the vaccinations appearing, it is difficult to talk about the experience of pregnant women, because these studies were not available. We rely on observational research, so we present here what is called general medical reasoning and knowledge. All medical procedures are recommended during pregnancy after Organ formation, that is, after the sixteenth week of pregnancy, “the doctor said.

In order to reduce the risk of blood clots, he added, specialists will recommend vaccines based on mRNA technology.

“For pregnant women, they are the most appropriate, and this does not mean that other vaccines have proven their side effects. No, but if we have a choice of two types of vaccines, then the first group is definitely safer for pregnant women,” – concluded the expert. (PAP)

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