Fans sang “J *** æ Superligê!” And Leeds hit Liverpool! The Premier League match became a protest against football

It was expected that announcing Liverpool’s participation in SuperLiga as one of the twelve founding clubs would make the first leg against Leeds exceptional. But it’s a normal meeting Premier LeagueThis turned into a protest against the championship, which was announced on Sunday evening.

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Superliga was born, conflicts of interest in the background. “UEFA has a problem with clubs that want to make money without it.”

Fans protests before the Liverpool and Leeds match. They “killed” the banners, chased the coach with the players and burned the shirts

Liverpool and Leeds fans began appearing outside the stadiums of the two teams just hours before the match. In Liverpool, fans held banners at the gates of Anfield and even “killed” their club. In Leeds, in front of the hotel where Jurgen Klopp’s players stayed, during their trip to the stadium, Leeds fans played ABBA’s “Money Money” trumpet. The Natomaist protests began on Elland Road, as fans of the two teams sang “J *** Superleague” together.

Bayern Munich will return to the Champions League ?!  Lewandowski will have a chance to win the title!Bayern Munich will return to the Champions League ?! Lewandowski will have a chance to win the title!

They chased the coach with the Liverpool players and blew them up. They also burned the team’s jerseys and hung more banners announcing the end of their beloved club.

Leeds Liverpool hit. Special shirts. “you deserve it”

Before the meeting, Jurgen Klopp gave an important interview to Sky Sports, in which he admitted that he still did not like creating the Premier League. Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa also gave his opinion. – Giants do it because of what they generate, and the rest have nothing to do with them. The coach pointed out that what keeps football healthy is the ability to develop weaker teams, not the excessive strength of better teams.

Arsenal supporters protestSuperliga is their only chance to play in Europe, but they’re protesting anyway. “You are embarrassed!”

Interestingly, the protest against Leeds against Liverpool was not limited to the masses. Club activists and players also protested. Special shirts are equipped with a logo on the front for them Champions LeagueThe words “Zasłużcie na it” (“Zasłużcie na it”) and “football for the masses” are on the other hand. Similar phrases are found on a large sign in the stands.

Just before the match and at its start, a small charter plane flew over the stadium with the words “Say No to Super League” written on it.

Juergen Klopp is being interviewed by Sky SportsKlopp does not want the Premier League! Important interview. “Something has to change in football.” [WIDEO]

After the first half of the match, Liverpool were 1-0 ahead. The goal in the 31st minute was scored by Sadio Mane. In the end, however, the match ended in a 1-1 draw – Diego Llorente scored the equalizer for the hosts in the 87th minute. Liverpool are now sixth in the Premier League standings with 53 points, while Leeds are tenth with 46 points. Leeds’ Twitter account after the matches described Liverpool as “a member of the Premier League, Merseyside Reds”.

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