Fight for Ice Cream Kits! Video from Lidl went to the network. The company “Coral” talks about the price. Lidl ice cream team is what? The price of an ice cream crew is 2.05.21

For several days, grocery stores across the country have been under real siege. Young people literally block store refrigerators, looking for ice cream signed with the “crew” slogan. Youtube celebrities, with Coral, put ice cream up for sale, and the demand for it exceeded all expectations.

There is even a video on the web where you can see how guys cast the aforementioned product.

A video was posted on social media showing quarrels by Freezers in Lidl. The customers’ goal was to have Coral Team ice cream.

With this popularity of the product, sellers in many stores simply raised the prices for ice cream. Crew’s ice cream producer, Koral, guarantees it has nothing to do with the high prices, says the portal

Watch the video – click here

One manufacturer of frozen sweets spoke about the price of ice cream. Coral has confirmed that the ice cream should be retailed for PLN 2 and PLN 2.8 – reports

“The selling price is 2 PLN for a piece for the 50 ml version and 2.80 PLN for a piece for the 65 ml version for the XL version”

Currently, Friz ice cream, co-founder of “Crew,” is disappearing from the shelves very quickly. One example of this is a movie that was supposed to be recorded on Lidl.

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