Foreign investors are still interested in Poland

Krzysztof Drainda, head of the Polish Agency for Investment and Trade, says the Expo in Dubai represents an opportunity for Polish companies to gain new markets in the Middle East, as well as a potential African market. He noted that the epidemic has not diminished the interest of foreign investors in Poland.

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In the opinion of the PAIH President, the epidemic has not diminished the interest of foreign investors in Poland.

The investment talks have not slowed down. There is still great interest in our market from foreign investors

– Krzysztof confirmed Drynda.

He added that PAIH is currently supporting nearly 200 foreign investment projects worth over € 8 billion.

This is an increase of approximately 5%. Compared to the same period in 2020


He informed that these were mainly investments by companies from the service sector, but also in cars and electric mobility, “in which we are growing into a major player in Europe.” He said investors from Germany, South Korea, Japan and the United States dominated.

He emphasized that the element of building Poland’s image as a reliable partner is the launch of new projects in our market by companies already in Poland. For example, mention the next recent investment of the French company Faurecia, which has been on our market for nearly a quarter of a century.

Before the pandemic, we were at the forefront of the European Union in terms of creating new jobs. This proves that we have a qualified and flexible workforce, which easily adapts to various conditions

– PAIH chief noted.

Huge potential for Polish businessmen ”

Derinda noted that IT-related industries are the sectors of the economy that “win a pandemic because the world moves on the Internet.”

The changing supply chains are an opportunity for Europe to attract new investments, and thus a great opportunity for Polish companies that can become a subsidiary supplier to all entities that will be relocating and looking for markets in the European Union mainly.

– He said.

He assessed that in the coming years, Poland would be “a gateway to Europe for companies from markets outside the European Union”.

PAIH President emphasized that the relocation of companies is not only the result of a pandemic.

We also have signals related to Brexit. Some UK companies are thinking about how to operate in the European Union

– pointed out.

He acknowledged that trade flows are declining due to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

In the short term, this is bad news, but I see it as a huge potential for Polish entrepreneurs

– Values.

According to the President of the PAIH, the change in supply chains is an opportunity for Polish companies in the sector of electric mobility, business services, but also for companies operating in the IT / ICT market or in the medtech industry.

Speaking of new foreign markets for Polish companies, Drena referred to the World Expo in Dubai.

We are talking about the Middle East, but this also indirectly translates into a very promising African market

– pointed out.

In his opinion, being in the exhibition will be of great importance due to the time of organizing the exhibition.

The Dubai Expo will be a breakthrough period for the global economy – it will be a new opening for it, so we want the economic program we are working on to be geared towards connecting entrepreneurs; It will give the opportunity to find new contractors on the spot

– He said.

More than 200 countries are participating in the exhibition, and it is scheduled to open on October 1.

The potential for business talks is enormous, and all this at a very special time – he emphasized.

Where to look for potential contractors?

In Derinda’s opinion, Polish entrepreneurs should also look for potential contractors in the countries with which we have the largest trade – in Germany and Great Britain, “where we have a lot to do, especially in the context of Brexit,” but also in Asian countries such as Korea. And Japan, or the United States.

One of the most important insights into the agency’s work, Dryinda noted, is to put the businessman at the center: his expectations and his actions. Entrepreneurs are the ones who create new jobs and influence the development of the economy.

Our role is to serve foreign investors in Poland and support Polish exports, as well as Polish investments in Poland

– He said.

Drynda wants PAIH to expand its cooperation with state institutions in this regard, such as KUKE, PARP or BGK, but also to seek partners between industry organizations and chambers of commerce. According to him, such combined forces would directly translate into support for Polish entrepreneurs.

It is important to me that we are actively looking for partners – and that we are the ones who provide a broad offer to potential investors. These are the issues that I will focus on a lot as president

– The president of the association announces.

In his view, this would enable Poland to build a competitive advantage with respect to other economies in the region “at an early stage in investment decisions.”

Referring to the new activities, PAIH mentioned the Biznesmikser program – within its framework, the development of a special platform on which entrepreneurs can pitch their business.

In this way, we want to connect both domestic and foreign partners. We also have an active e-export program that meticulously connects Polish entrepreneurs with foreign partners

– added.

As Drynda emphasized, those companies that decide to invest in Poland become our ambassadors.

First of all, we care about those investments linked, on the one hand, to technology transfer, but also those that create high-quality jobs – based on human capital and using our knowledge and skills, while at the same time allowing employees to develop.

– Summarize.

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