Fourteen for retirees. The last one this year? This is what the government’s plans say

In the state’s multi-year fiscal plan for 2021-2024, the government assumes the maintenance of payments for social programs, including 500+ and retirement +. This means that the thirteenth pension will still be paid.

However, according to “Fact”, in the document, the fourteenth pensions are entered for the year 2021 only, and there is no mention of them for the following years. Their fate is already sealed? Everything points to this, of course, if the public finances are able to pay the fourteenth pensions, the government may still consider their return. At the moment, this year is the last year of the Fourteenth Pensions.


Fourteen retirees and retirees will be paid in the fall. It is the equivalent of the lowest pension, which is 1250 PLN in total. Therefore, the recipients will receive PLN 1022 each.

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However, it must be remembered that the fourteenth pension is subject to an income threshold, which is completely different from the thirteenth pension case, which goes to everyone without exception and for the same amount.


However, with fourteen, the norm is PLN for PLN. The income threshold has been set at 2,900 PLN. Exceeding this amount by one zloty would mean reducing the fourteen by one zloty. And so on until the total amount of the benefit collected is arrived at. Then the fourteen will no longer be eligible.

In terms of numbers, it appears that about 1.2 million retirees will receive reduced benefits according to the PLN principle of PLN. However, about 500 thousand. Retirees with the highest benefits will never receive the fourteenth pension.


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