Freez Team: Who is the team and what is their history

The Friz team and everything that is happening around them is currently one of the main topics on Polish YouTube. Karol Wiśniewski has built that hype for years and is now harvesting well-deserved crops, and he and his team are constantly expanding their range of activities – only recently was the idea of ​​launching a rap album in association with Ice Cream Coral.

  • The team is currently the most popular group of Polish YouTube creators
  • Singles from their upcoming album break record for YouTube popularity, and ice cream created in association with Koral is being sold on the trunk.
  • Hundreds of thousands (and even millions of viewers) subscribe to every Crew member channel. It is a phenomenon in Poland on an unprecedented scale
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Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski is currently the most famous Polish YouTube personality. It has been spoken out loud in recent weeks for two reasons. The first is the hip-hop album “SEZON 3” which was recorded by all the members and members of the team. The first single “3KIPA” more than a month after its debut has already garnered 40 million views on YouTube. The second single “Zaebiste” in which Qry appeared from Chillwagon five days after her first show and garnered nearly 10,000 views.

The Friza Team was recently talked about due to their successful collaboration with Koral. limited edition Ice cream crew Created in cooperation with YouTubers, it disappears from the store’s cold stores in the blink of an eye, and the buzz around them has reached the Allegro auction site, where there are currently several hundreds of auctions where we can buy empty ice cream packaging (prices are in the hundreds of thousands of zloty) . It’s hard to suspect anyone would be willing to spend PLN 200,000 on ice cream, but the effective marketing campaign has been picked up by most of the major media outlets and in a way that well explains why the team hasn’t left the headlines for quite some time. Their sense of direction and business maturity means that it is simply impossible not to notice them and underestimate the phenomenon.

Crew History

Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski (born in 1996) has gained great popularity in movies revolving around a mobile game. Pokemon GO. In 2016, Pokemon capture content was very popular, and Frieze, as an experienced player (he also recorded films about Minecraft), was able to attract viewers to his channel, organizing, among other things, live shows and interviews with other players. Another important piece of content on his channel has been video franchises created with friends, inspired by Jake Paul, Blwick, Rezim and Stu. The idea worked so well that Freese decided to take it to a true American level of organization and live with a team of friends in a villa near Krakow. Founded in August 2018, EKIPA brings together the most amazing and refined movies – at the moment, they are watched by nearly 1.4 million people. Additionally, Crew members log separate cinematic vlogs and challenges. Currently, the configuration consists of 11 people. They are: Freeze, Tromba, MiniMagic, Werso, Latif Krzycho, Nausiax, Murciax, Patek Warriatic, Marcia, Cassia Bojic and Wojic Aoki (Mixer left the squad in Season Two). The channels of each of the creators are watched by several hundreds of thousands of even more than a million viewers (record owners are Friz (4.3 million subscribers) and Wersow (more than 2 million subscribers).

The films created by the cast give the viewers a sense of accompanying the older brother of the creators in their private lives, while at the same time providing plenty of entertainment. Other Youtube users praise them for the consistency, creativity, sense of direction, and the creation of material that is not targeted to a specific age group. These are mainly teens and teens watching movies, but the pranks and challenges of The Crew are neither harmful nor do they promote bad patterns – everything happens in a safe (safe, but don’t do) home setting, in their case with challenging stunts everything is secured perfectly Right).

Work crews

YouTube is the core of the crew’s activities, but its members also successfully participate in side activities that ensure popularity growth and big cash injections. In the EKIPATONOSI store, we can get items of common design for team members. In addition to the aforementioned Ice Collaboration with Koral, the team members are also in charge of influencer collaborations with brands (Friz, Wersow and Tromba in the top ten) Top 100 Polish Instagram Apps). Freez himself also posted a guide titled “How to Become # 1 on YouTube” some time ago. At the moment the offer is no longer available, but its record price is PLN 999. For the innovative movements of people who originated on the basis of Polish YouTube, it is worth noting the idea of ​​entering the stock exchange with a gaming company (in February 2021, Ekipa and Beskidzkie Biuro Inwestycyjne were listed on the exchange. The exchange since 2012 signed a letter of intent, which allowed for merger negotiations to take place).

You can hear about life in the crew’s house, business plans and backgrounds for the first track recording from the same authors on the documentary “Influencers Without Censorship”. The day was spent in the crew house, too Krzysztof GonciarsWho was visibly impressed by the residents’ commitment to filmmaking and the amount of psychological and physical work Freese was doing to control the entire project. We can only wish you more success, also when it comes to work-life balance.

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