From May 15, the Netherlands introduces an isolated duty for travelers in the danger zone

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From May 15 this year. In the Netherlands, there will be an isolated duty for persons coming from an epidemic risk area. For violating the order, the fine is Euro 95.

Friday 16th April this year. The outgoing government of Mark Rutte is about to make a decision, giving details and writing to

Currently, 10 day isolation is voluntary and many do not follow it. Self-isolation usually lasts ten days, but it can be shortened to five days. On the fifth day, you must submit a negative COVID-19 test.

We have already written several times about the Dutch government’s plans to introduce an isolation order upon arrival in the Netherlands. Legislative difficulties were the main reason for the late introduction of this duty.

We recommend: Locking extended. The first relaxation is only if the number of patients in the hospital decreases

Red and orange code

Coming from areas marked with orange or red codes, the duty of home isolation applies to all travelers, regardless of traffic routes. And from EU countries, including Poland. This is the whole world today.

Isolated address statement

In the isolated notice that everyone coming to the Netherlands must complete, you must provide the address of the place to be isolated, i.e. at home or elsewhere.

In the Netherlands, as in other countries, the government has not introduced special hotels to isolate travelers.

We recommend: In The Hague, the commune provides assistance to immigrants from Poland and Eastern Europe. IDHEM-Xtra volunteers will help you

Random checks and penalties

Penalties may be imposed for failure to report isolation or breach of isolation duty. The fine will probably be 95 euros.

At land borders and at Shiphol Airport, Marrakech border guards will roughly check that passengers have completed the notice and can prove they are negative by PCR test.

Phone from the call center

Call-center staff from the Ministry of Health check over the phone to see if people are isolated. Random checks will also be made.

If the call center receives an indication that a particular person does not comply with the isolation, it can notify the mayor of the city where that person is staying. The mayor may take appropriate action.

Until May 15, the “do not travel” recommendation

As a rule, going abroad is allowed only if absolutely necessary.

In early May, the Dutch government will explain how to go abroad after May 15, including holidays.

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We will keep you updated on how the new rule applies to foreign workers. If you have any questions, please send us an email with the “Isolation” note Contact Form

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