Genetic strains from aborted fetuses used in vaccine production. CEP statement

Despite the fact that AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine production technology raises serious ethical opposition, it can be used by believers who cannot choose another vaccine – confirms the team of experts of the Polish Bishops’ Conference on Bioethics.

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At the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Polish Episcopal Conference, a presentation was made for the position of Chair of the Expert Group of the Polish Bishops Conference on Bioethics on the Use of COVID-19 vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

Bishop Wróbel noted in the document that, unlike the first vaccines to use mRNA-based technology and raise no ethical concerns, cell lines are being used in the production of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. They were created on biological materials collected from aborted embryos.

The statement read: “This fact raises a serious ethical objection, as the cells taken from aborted embryos in this case are an essential link in the technology for producing these vaccines.”

Catholics should not put up with it

It was also emphasized that “Catholics should not agree to vaccination with these vaccines, because there are others – the mRNA mentioned above – that do not raise moral objections that are binding on the conscience.” Bishop Froebel wrote that this position was It does not exclude the possibility of using these two vaccines.

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“Believers who do not have the option to choose a different vaccine and are directly committed to certain conditions (for example, professional obedience, within certain teams, structures, offices, the services that these vaccines target), can use them without moral error,” – emphasized in the bishop’s document. He added that However, it is necessary to show your opposition to abortion.

According to the Church’s teaching position, the exceptional acceptance of these vaccines is due to Their admission does not imply direct participation in the abortion, Does not imply its acceptance and enforcement ” – indicated.

The position of head of the center’s team of experts in bioethics does not take into account the formal aspects of vaccination with these vaccines, especially the possible side effects related to their administration, and is not temporary. Refraining from taking a position on this issue is dictated by the fact that there is not enough research into this matter yet, and there is no unified position of specialists.






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