Google introduces Heads Up to Android

Staring at a smartphone screen in a crowded place or worse, at a pedestrian crossing is a very bad habit. Better to get rid of it. For your safety and for the thickness of the wallet.

Google introduces Heads Up to Android

It might seem like Google can’t do much about it. However, it turned out that he had an idea that seemed interesting. It’s about the Heads Up feature, which you could have heard about some time ago, but is only being introduced now. At the moment, it is for a limited group of users (mainly Google Pixel smartphones), but it is likely to change over time.

What are we talking about here? The idea behind the headers function is very simple. It is to warn users against losing alertness while walking and focusing on the situation around them instead of focusing on the smartphone screen. However, this will not be enforced for all Android users, the function must be activated. Of course, only if you want to use it.


Zombies in smartphones are a serious problem

The term smart zombie did not come out of nowhere. People who wander around town and stare at the same time at their mobile device screen can distract some and pity others, but only for a while. Lack of alertness in crowded places can, at worst, lead to tragedy. And it’s not about the smartphone getting stuck and smashing or even having a collision with another pedestrian.

There are more and more incidents blamed on smartphones and their irresponsible and reckless users. The Let’s Stay Safe Together campaign aimed to raise awareness of the great danger involved, among other things, by the Warsaw Trams. One of the editions was organized under the slogan “Put Your Smartphone Away And Live” featuring Smartphone Zombies.

A fine for using a smartphone at a pedestrian crossing

Google, using the Heads Up function, can just try to create proper habits, but this is the right moment to remind you that we are nearing the next amendment of road traffic regulations – specifically the Road Traffic Act.

In the middle of the year, regulations come into effect, which will take into account the situations discussed here. Using a smartphone while crossing a road or path will result in a fine. It will be classified as a misdemeanor.

Source: Warsaw Trams, Twitter -jay__kamat

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