Gran Turismo developer talks about the new role of video games. “I want people to feel more real than they really are”

Polyphony Digital does not currently share the effects of Gran Turismo 7’s individual stages of production. Sony has postponed the racing premiere until next yearThis gives the team more time to expand and refine the prospect. Kazunori Yamauchi definitely does not complain about the lack of responsibilities, but in a recent interview, the talented developer pointed to the issue of a different project and the role of video games.

The Japanese confirmed this You want to keep developing Gran Turismo while creating something else. The developer mentions a mixture of the real and the digital world:

“I think one of the jobs of video games is to create digital twins [wirtualnej reprezentacji, cyfrowego odpowiednika obiektu istniejącego w rzeczywistości – przyp. red.] By combining the real and the digital world. On the one hand, I also believe that “the reality that a person can feel does not necessarily have to feel as the real thing” and I will definitely encounter this problem. I would like to take up the challenge of creating a world in which people feel more real than they really are, whether through Gran Turismo or not. ”

Yamauchi is convinced that “technology can change society” and make people happier. The Creator pointed out memories of childhood and their experiences that, in his opinion, it is impossible to survive:

“This, for example, has something to do with my background. In the 1970s, in my hometown of Kashiwa, there were mountain foothills and flat terrain, very similar to the world of Totoro. Since I was a kid, I loved collecting insects and climbing mountains, I spent my days in the woods Or play in the river… I think such experiences are very important in life.

However, this may not be possible in Japan at present. So why not create something like digital nature and convey the complexity and cruelty of the world, [poznawanego – przyp. red.] When we go out into nature, we feel that things are not going as we expect. This is what I imagine.

The Japanese referred to his new “mission”:

“I would be happy if we could present the experiences that we took from nature when we were children, such as“ watching what is happening before our eyes eagerly and assuming, understanding and acting on this observation ”specifically through video games. I think that is my mission.”

It is difficult to determine the reaction of the Sony authorities to this initiative, but Yamauchi’s words above may be related to virtual reality. Japanese gamers are accustomed to the fact that it takes a lot of time to create games, but perhaps in the future this inspiring idea will become a project that the developer will monitor.

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