Great difficulties for the staff of Paulo Sousa! Nobody is going to be as bad as the Poles

The Polish national team will play matches with Szwecj ± And Slovakia in the St. Petersburg stadium (at least 50% of the stadium capacity, that is, about 34,000 spectators), while Hispanic ± It will take place at Estadio La Cortuja in Seville (30 percent capacity, 18,000 spectators). Originally, Dublin and Bilbao were responsible for organizing matches with whites and reds, while cities did not guarantee this during European Championship Fans will be able to visit the stadiums.

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Will the national team play with three defenders? Paulo Sousa: I hope the players understand our thoughts very well

Manages the employee base Paolo Souce. Initially, it was supposed to be located in Portmarnock near Dublin, but as we have heard PZPN“If there were no games in Dublin, we wouldn’t live there.” The Poles will prepare for this event in Opalenka.

2020,3.580 km between Seville and Saint Petersburg. Nobody has the most air distance in the European Championships

Changing host cities could be a big problem for the Polish national team, as it would mean more distance for Whites and Reds to travel to play matches in the group stage. The distance between Dublin and Bilbao is approximately 1,150 kilometers. Assuming Paulo Sousa’s team will be played in Ireland and one of the group stage matches in San Mames, at this point, the tournament will travel approximately 2,300 km.

The distance between Seville and Saint Petersburg is three times larger, at 3,580 km. This great distance does not separate any other city from one group of tournament (each of the EURO groups is organized in two host cities).

– Another thing after changing hosts. If the Swedes organize a base in St. Petersburg (yes rather), they will enter the decisive match with Poland without any flights, after a week of adjusting in Russia. The Poles will have 2 excursions (ESP-POL-RUS + buses) for 4 days. This is a very interesting point of view, which could be decisive in what may be the most important Euro match for us, says’s Przemys³aw Langier.

– At a speed of counting, our team in the group stage of the European Championship will travel 12,000 kilometers per week on a plane – adds Piotr Majsherzak from Of course, assuming the Polish base would be located at Gdansko.

(Only Group A teams)Turkey, Italy, SwitzerlandAnd the And oh), when Rome Baku is 3151 km away. For comparison, the representations from group F (FranceAnd the GermanyAnd the Portugal, Hungary) in Budapest and Munich. The distance between these cities is 549 km. A similar distance separates Glasgow and London – in these cities matches will be played in Group D (England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic).

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