Grzegorz Kołodko: I’ll never call it the National Reconstruction Plan

When asked what the left would advise on the issue of an agreement with the government regarding the KPO, Kolodko replied that “if people of different political orientations find a common language on an issue important to the Polish economy, then you need applause and not a title” – I advise the left to be pragmatic and look for Solutions conducive to a rapid flow of funds into Poland – he stressed.

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He rated the billions of dollars in support terms for the European economies developed by EU leaders as favorable.

It is known that wherever public money is divided, disputes arise. On the other hand, the main trends regarding what this money will be spent are correct. The idea is to strengthen the backbone of the economy on the basis of knowledge or green energy when recovering from a pandemic. As for the details, let’s give the professionals time to work on it, first and foremost in cooperation with local governments – he pointed out.

Kolodko: The Polish economy looks good

He added that Poland at present “stands with autonomy more than with the government. They are closer to the ground and reality and a whole host of problems that require financing are being solved there. It is a bad policy to have some additional goals moved there, and it is not always accompanied by the transfer of additional funds. “.

Video: Grzegorz Kołodko: I’ll never call it the National Reconstruction Plan

Piotr Witwicki, the host of the program, asked how European Union money would change Poland. I would not have thought of calling this plan the National Reconstruction Plan, because we were neither ruined nor ruined. It is simply a driver to grow our economy. There must be more harmony and balance, sometimes to the detriment of its dynamics. It is worth thinking about whether it is better to develop more evenly, but perhaps slower, because if you accelerate quickly, you can get off the curve – he assessed.

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In his opinion, the Polish economy looks good. He mentioned that we have the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union. This is a symptom of the relative health of the Polish economy compared to others. There is a need to ensure there are more well-paying jobs in the future. The professor said. Kolodco.

We are far from searching for a country with less unemployment than we are now. The closest such economy is Singapore, then Japan. Despite this, more than half a million Poles are still unemployed. They are looking for a job and cannot find it. However, that’s a lot – he added.

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As he emphasized, the Polish economy would be more innovative in the long run, “If we educate children in a pro-innovation way from kindergarten. They must be taught to be creative and to ask why”.

Kolodko admitted that he had already been vaccinated against Covid-19 in two doses. – There was no feeling, I feel good. Hope everyone feels healthy – sum up.

What is KPO?

To activate the Reconstruction Fund, all member states must endorse the EU leaders ’decision to increase the EU’s own resources. Failure to ratify this decision will halt the launch of the package of measures – either from the 2021-2027 multi-year budget or from the Reconstruction Fund. Poland will receive a total of 770 billion Polish zlotys from the European Union budget and Reconstruction Fund.

The National Reconstruction Plan, which is the basis for the payment of funds from the European Union Reconstruction Fund, must be prepared by each member state and sent to the European Commission. The document contains a grant and loan portion. Poland will have about 58 billion euros at its disposal from the Reconstruction Fund.

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