He attacked a police station, did police cars set fire to the far left in the UK ?? Video

The extremist left, many of whom are sympathetic to the British Labor Party, protested on Sunday against a reform package that would significantly expand the powers of the British police. Despite the corona virus outbreak in Bristol, militants took about 5,000 people to the streets, many of whom were not wearing masks. The militants and their gang set fire to several police cars or attacked one of the police stations, but eventually failed to occupy it. During the violent operation, six police officers on duty were injured, and two seriously.

A Boris Johnson On the advice of the British Conservative Party, led by the Prime Minister, the London Parliament has developed a comprehensive reform package to strengthen the police force, which will significantly expand the powers of the law enforcement agency, especially in relation to street protests.

Another part of the draft To prevent the actions of the police at the most extreme place to prevent the demolition or desecration of historical monuments and statues and to punish them more severely than before. As for the far left, the latter was the most outrageous, as the opposition British Labor Party has made clear on several occasions that there is complete and firm opposition to the reform package as a whole. Nevertheless, in the last week, the lower house of the Conservative majority has already voted on several elements of the package.
Ignoring the rampant corona virus epidemic, far-left protesters marched through the streets on Sunday at the call of irresponsible labor politicians.

Among Labor politicians, he belongs to the party’s extreme left Sarah Sultana The House of Representatives called the extremists to the streets, but he did not end up at Sunday’s protest, instead speaking in front of some of his supporters in the London parliament on Friday.

Worth to know about Zara Sultana A Pakistani woman with an immigrant background, a religion of Islam and a strong anti-Israel politician, has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism.

For the latest scandal It happened in February, Sultana overthrows the Hungarian government to divert attention from its own anti-Semitism, thus causing controversy Cumin Frenk With the Hungarian Ambassador to London.

A Daily Mail, A BBC And this Rudely Based on its on-site reports The city of Bristol, the epicenter of Sunday’s radical left – wing movement, is almost half a million, and the name and slogan of the already violent demonstration is “Kill the Bill.”

About 5,000 people marched on the city of Bristol, sympathizers of Labor’s far left, including Black Lives Matter (PLM) activists, but they were joined in similar demonstrations by immigrants and mobs.

It is no coincidence that Bristol, like Orego, became the center of anti-police movements Announced, Thrown by the prosperity of the local extreme left city, Edward Colston (1636-1721) Monument to the Governor, slave trader.

Instead of Colston A statue of a PLM activist was erected, but it was soon removed as the action was illegal.

During Sunday’s move, a significant number of Bristol extremists did not wear masks.

Many of them had already attacked the police officers in charge of the scene during the day and tried to overturn a police car, but eventually it failed, so they set it on fire.

Events worsened in the evening when several police cars caught fire and were pushed back into the police station building. Extremist left-wing mobs tried to enter the building, but were stopped by police in the meantime. They can break the guard’s windows.

In parallel, the shop windows of nearby shops were smashed.

The far left has been chanting anti-police slogans, some of them shouting that the police should be eliminated when all sorts of objects are thrown. The demonstration ended at night, at which time the militants were pushed out of the police station and the crowd dispersed.

As a result of the operation, six police officers were injured, two of them very severely, one with a broken arm and the other with several ribs.

He condemned the violence on Sunday night Prithi Patel home Minister. Based on Priti Patel’s statement, it can be concluded that the Conservatives will not back down and that the other bills in the package will soon be passed in Parliament.

The Labor mayor of Bristol is of somewhat black descent Marvin Reese He understood more about the extreme left, arguing that they were right to oppose the reform package, which he did not accept, but at the same time condemning violence by politicians in general.

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