Health Alexei Navalny. The opponent will go to the prison hospital

The Russian Prison Service has informed that Alexei Navalny has been transferred to a hospital located in the maximum-security prison colony in Vladimir. An opposition lawyer who was able to visit Navalny in a new location stated that his client had again refused to choose a doctor and that he intended to continue the hunger strike. Several survivors of the 2004 terrorist attack on a school in Beslan announced a hunger strike in solidarity with Alexei Navalny.

The Russian Prison Service was informed on Monday that although Alexei Navalny’s health condition is satisfactory, and the exhibitors are examined by a general practitioner every day – “with the patient’s consent, he was prescribed vitamin therapy” – she also said that she had decided to transfer her. To the prison hospital.

Navalny was transferred from the penal colony of Pokrov in the Volodymyr region to the hospital located in the maximum security colony in Wodzimierz. – His health has worsened – Alexei Leisser, who was able to visit his client in a new place, said Reuters news agency. He stated that the prison departments refused once again to choose a doctor, and that he intends to continue the hunger strike, which he began at the end of March.

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Previously published information from 44-year-old Alexei Navalny’s doctors shows that the health of the opposition has seriously deteriorated after more than two weeks of hunger strike. Doctors consider it crucial. From the results of the research published by them, it can be concluded that Navalny suffers from heart problems and early kidney failure.

Four paramedics, including his personal physician Anastasia Vasilieva, wrote to the authorities of the penal colony in Pokrov, urgently requesting permission to visit an opposition activist. In a message from Vasiliev on Twitter, experts said Alexei Navalny’s potassium levels are “critical.” She explained, “This means poor kidney function and the possibility of serious heart rhythm disturbances at any time.”

Alexei Navalny is serving a sentence of two and a half years in a criminal colony in Pokrov

As written in the letter, blood potassium levels above 6.0 mmol / liter usually require immediate treatment. The results of Navalny’s blood tests, which his lawyers received, showed that the level of potassium in his blood was 7.1 mmol. The doctors demanded that the colony’s penal authorities allow them to examine Navalny immediately “taking into account the results of his blood tests and his recent poisoning.”

Alexander Buluban, who was one of the doctors who treated Navalny after a novice poisoning in August 2020, posted a picture of his blood test results and said it was an “absolute indication” that he needed urgent medical care or “he will die in the coming days.” More than 70 famous writers, artists and scholars joined the call to action by signing a letter urging President Putin to provide Navalny with the appropriate medical care.

Alexei Navalny is in the penal colony of PokrovSERGEI ILNITSKY / PAP / EPA

“There will be consequences if Mister Navalny dies.”

The Russians were warned about Navalny’s health. “We have informed the Russian authorities that they are responsible for what happens to Mr. Navalny, who is in the penal colony, and that the international community will hold her accountable,” said Jake Sullivan, national security advisor to US President Joe. Biden on CNN. Regarding the specific measures that we will take, we are looking at many different costs that we can impose, but I will not announce them at this stage. However, we were informed that there would be consequences if Mr. Navalny died, he said.

First, we have agreed with the European Union and many similar democracies around the world that share our position, to impose sanctions in response to what the Russian government did toward Navalny in response to the use of chemical weapons against him, which Sullivan added is against international law.

Navalny’s lawyer after leaving the penal colony in Włodzimierz SERGEI ILNITSKY / PAP / EPA

Apple Borilla

The Russian authorities should give Alexei Navalny immediate access to this medical care he trusts. Josep Borrell, head of EU diplomacy, said they are responsible for his safety and health. As Borrell noted, “Navalny’s situation is critical.” I got a letter from Navalny’s associates about his worsening situation. On Sunday, I made a strong statement on behalf of the entire European Union. Today we received information that Navalny has been transferred to the prison hospital. Borrell said the Russian authorities should give him immediate access to the healthcare he trusts.

He noted that he had previously spoken to the Russian authorities about this matter, yet nothing has changed. – The situation is getting worse and today we present a joint message to the Russian authorities. The head of EU diplomacy added that they are responsible for Navalny’s security and health.

Alexey Navalny

Putin “does not deal with Navalny’s health”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a meeting on Monday with reporters that President Vladimir Putin is not participating in examining the health of opponent Alexei Navalny and checking whether Navalny’s laws are being respected in the penal colony. Peskov said he knew nothing about the head of state’s “examination of anything” on this issue, because the Kremlin “does not monitor the health of Russian prisoners.”

Convinced that he “could not personally believe the allegations regarding the critical situation of the exhibitions,” Peskov said, in his opinion, that most of the signatories to the letter regarding the exhibitions “do not know very well who Navalny is.”

The Kremlin representative also stated that calls for action to defend Navalny in Russia came “from some citizens living abroad.” He said these were “provocative summons”. He warned that demonstrations without permission from the authorities “will automatically be illegal.” Navalny’s partners announced mass protests next Wednesday. The Russian Interior Ministry appealed to the Russians not to participate in protests that were not agreed upon with the authorities, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Moscow warned of “the impermissibility of violating the law.”

Doctor Alexei Navalny arrested in front of Pokrov penal colony Reuters

Beslan voice announces a hunger strike

Russian media reported on Monday that many of the survivors of the 2004 terrorist attack on a school in Beslan have declared a hunger strike in solidarity with Alexei Navalny.

This was announced by Ełła Kiesajewa, Co-Chair of the Głos Beslan Social Organization. “Now that Navalny’s health is in critical condition, we cannot stand aside. We are very worried about him. We see what the situation is, this man was taken hostage and he was eliminated. Our children were taken hostage in 2004. They were not saved after that – she added.”

Kizayeva said that the victims of the Beslan attack after these tragic events called on the authorities to take responsibility and warned that “impunity will lead to new crimes.” “It all started with Beslan and continued,” she said.

The attack on the school in Beslan, North Ossetia, is one of the most tragic acts of terror to which modern Russia has been subjected. Many of the relatives of the dead and injured believed that the circumstances of the tragedy had not been properly explained.

Biologist Nikolai Vormozov announced the hunger strike in solidarity with Navalny. On Sunday he said on Radio Soboda that more than 30 people from Russia and abroad have joined his campaign so far. The independent newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, citing social networks, reported that the number of these people is greater – about 60.

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Main Image Source: SERGEI ILNITSKY / PAP / EPA

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