High school graduate Ulyaia Binyuk talks with friends after a Polish exam, then walks onto a trolleybus (PHOTOS)

.. ,,,,, Celebrities and Narcissus Andrzej Wrona, who has never had a girlfriend before, is uneducated, but loves to promote himself in sweet pictures, is deeply married because of his name and popularity in the media, after several months of dating a non-traitor, Hagrid Aggressive and tacky, he can’t do anything. Neither of them managed to arouse the interest of the media, so they signed a joint contract in the office. The secret to getting married quickly is that they can start earning money faster. His surname is not related to each other, so Zborowska left a double name, so that everyone knows which house he came from, since his father’s name is based on his presence in the media. Zborowska’s profile is a great one, including Wrona, who promotes it on every occasion, because that’s covered in this contract – especially the obligation to record matches and pretend he’s watching, Grazyny is influenced by selling Instagram, directed life and a wedding made for informational purposes. In order to improve and expand Wrona’s self-esteem a little, Zborowska tells invented stories in the media about Wrona fighting with her needle. Zborowska Wrone learned that Instagram Q&A is used to advertise current gifts and that they write “questions” themselves. Everything is completed by a joint manager. Zborowska and Wrona read the comments to find out what needs to be improved in pretending to be a “cool duo” on Instagram, and are buying articles about themselves on gossip portals and followers trying to convince people that they are a celebrity. According to what Wrona said in an interview, Zborowska wrote to him on Instagram before they met in person, but it didn’t impress him, while Zborowska claims she didn’t know Wrona was playing volleyball before she met him in person, even though he has the signature on his profile that he’s a player Volley ball. Zośka, are you having problems with reading and comprehension at the same time? Did you just make up your Getting to Know Wrona so these fairy tales would sell better on Instagram? You’re writing to a strange man inviting him to leave and you didn’t verify his identity, and you didn’t even read the profile you spoke to? Wrona and Zborowska had no problem begging on Instagram for a home renovation they couldn’t afford or for household appliances like a vacuum cleaner. They report to potential sponsors under the guise of asking followers what equipment to purchase. Even worse, Zborowska uses the help of sick animals and children only to build positive public relationships, like any celebrity who wants to improve an image. He tortures his dog and treats him like a necessity to take pictures and collect likes – especially for Wrona (and Wrona gave his dog away, because he wasn’t in the media). Zborowska loves to support herself with a word of respect, and it is a pity that she forgot to mention her when she was standing in the handicapped spaces, and her father went quietly, off the waiting list. Genuine leather car seats don’t stop her from pretending to be vegan at all, and buying piles of plastic water bottles doesn’t stop her from pretending to be environmentally friendly at all. Zborowska criticizes the government, but took money from state TV for a few years, and the sponsor of Wrona was a company controlled by the state treasury – I wonder when he would give up the Law and Justice party money, because Zborowska had such pesky funding. Zborowska When will you return the money with tvpis? The next stage in collecting likes will be the kid, because he can shine with something else.

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