How do we organize hyper-planning, or post-infection time?

“Hyper planning”, or what do we do after an epidemic

The last dozen or more months have been able to turn our lives upside down. Everything turned 180 degrees – in many ways. Many projects have certainly been called into question. Spontaneous people can adapt relatively easily to “new normal” conditions, in which constant change and uncertainty are the daily bread, but system pranks certainly had a hard time, didn’t they?

The introduced restrictions not only ensured our safety but also liberated the health service – at the same time they had a serious impact on the way we spend our leisure time. We missed meetings, going out, visiting, hanging out in cafes (and even the housemates would confirm it). Locking is important to us, with whom we want to meet, and what we particularly miss and want to avoid in the future.

However, it turns out that all of this can go hand in hand Fashion in “Hipparplanovani”. The British media have already reported on the urge to capture “lost time”. It may be recalled that on 12 April the United Kingdom lifted restrictions. Clubs, restaurants, lounges and shops opened. People began to be almost frantic in planning everything, on the other hand. And in advance.

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What does “hyper-planning” look like?

What does Great Britain do? We look forward to the opportunity to visit a cafe. However, it is better not to forget the rule of moderate gold. The example of Great Britain shows it The epidemic has created a new type of “man-to-man” – Someone who plans everything in advance and on a large scale. In short, “Hyper Planning” translates into a calendar of meetings, trips and hotel bookings until September.

Clara Strung, who booked the best seats on three different terraces to “choose” a hyper-planner, explains in her speech for Glamor UK that she gives another example of such a “cultural” approach. Hyper Planner has definitely booked rooms in the city of their choice every holiday weekend. Yes, “as is” – without thinking about other volunteers, of course, but remember to show your “organizational success” on Instagram. “It is better to follow the rule of small steps,” Strong advises, opposing the “post-locking” race. The lesson to remember for the future?

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