How much Zbigniew Boniek will earn on the new job has been revealed. “Much appreciation,” Becca Bla

The Congress met last Tuesday in Montreux, Switzerland UEFAWhich brings together the presidents and secretaries of the 55 European football federations. The main item on the agenda was the elections for the most important positions in UEFA. Our representatives were the president PZPN Zbigniew Boniek And the Secretary General of the Polish Football Association, Maciej Sawieki. Bunyck He was elected to a second term to the Executive Committee, then appointed to the position of Vice President of UEFA.

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In the Superliga-UEFA dispute, neither side had to fear the legal consequences. In the Superliga-UEFA dispute, neither side had to fear the legal consequences. “It was a tumultuous affair”

Zbigniew Boniek becomes the new UEFA Vice President. He can count on a lot of profits.

– President of the Polish Football Association Zbigniew Boniek Elected vice president UEFA For 4 years! He is a great personal appreciation for the activities so far as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee and President of the Polish Football Association – Maciej Sawicki wrote on Twitter, announcing the President’s success. Bunyik is the first polar in history to hold such a high position in the European Union. In addition to the big distinction, the new Vice President will also receive big profits.

The portal published a report on the rewards of the most important activists UEFA. Its content shows that in 2018 the vice-presidents of the federation received 250 thousand euro Annually, that’s about 1.1 million PLN. Of course, no bonuses that the activists can count on are included. earnings Bunka However, it will not be comparable to the salaries of the UEFA president. Alexander Ceferin earns 1.3 million euros a year, or about 6 million zlotys.

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