How to stay healthy? Tips from 100 years ago

How do you stay healthy? Today we will say that by maintaining social distancing and hand sanitizing. But what recommendations would someone have made 100 years ago? Thanks to the old records found in the family records, we can answer this question.

Genealogy is a very broad field, which often leads researchers not only to learn about their roots, but also to many historical curiosities that allow us to learn about life from tens or even several hundreds of years. Edward Zagora – a genealogist from Brzezówka who has been gathering curiosity from his family’s life for years has a chance to find out again.

This time he cited the story of his grandfather – a resident of Badnes Dolen, who was born at the end of the nineteenth century – My maternal grandfather would have been 134 years old if he had lived. He was a simple peasant, but he was very interested in the world, and he had a lot of interests. Although he was not very educated, he did not feel sorry for the money I had paid to buy the expensive books, including medical ones. He was observing the corpse and was called to confirm the death and its cause, as an alternative to the doctor – Edward Zagora explains, adding that my grandfather left a lot of notes. Among them you can find a number of “on staying healthy” tips.

What advice were you given in this regard a century ago? Below, the verbatim content of the copyleft:

The first measure to maintain health is fresh air. You have to frequently open living and sleeping room windows or doors. When the air in the room rots, you should burn it with vinegar, juniper, resin, etc. You don’t need to turn off the oven early, you don’t have to stay in freshly bleached rooms or where linen is washed, you don’t have to walk in the midday afternoon or the sun in the fresh air. Head, look at the sun, read at dusk, etc., in the winter to smoke a lot in the stove, or sit or stand beside the heat of the stove is unhealthy. During severe frost, sit or lie down, stick frostbite organs to stove, etc., young coffee is not very healthy, like tea, etc. Bad drinks include all hot drinks and intoxicants, such as wine, arak and rum. The most harmful drink is wine. It strikes the blood, weakens the stomach, and causes fever, swelling, pneumonia, and other serious and dangerous illnesses. It robs the senses, the memory, the joy, the calm, the dull mind and all the other queens of the soul. For children, wine is a real poison; They don’t get old, get old, get sick, get mute and die because of it. We know that our bodies are covered with skin and that this skin is full of pores, so when the pores are clogged with dirt, the body cannot stress it and get sick. To prevent this from happening, the skin should be kept as clean as possible. Healthy recipes require simple food, such as bread, vegetables, meat, butter, eggs, etc. so you can use them. Gourmet foods like cakes, roots, delicacies, etc., are unhealthy. There are even toxic foods. Hot foods are especially harmful to your teeth and stomach. It is unhealthy to eat fatty foods. Anger should be avoided shortly before and after eating, etc. Boys and girls’ wool and fur hats, or large summer headscarves or veils are harmful. This habit is pain in the head, teeth, and eyes, then entanglement and stupidity. Don’t eat solid dishes or drink hot drinks in the evening. Sleeping on unsanitary soft sheets for children. Who is asleep, septic, weak, moody, etc. After lunch, he slept unhealthily. End.

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