Huge bonuses for CD Projekt RED Board of Directors. An employee won’t earn much in 70 years

Despite selling 13 million copies, Cyberpunk 2077 was a commercial failure. It sounds shocking, but that’s because everyone expected greater success. Meanwhile, as Bloomberg revealed, CD Projekt RED CEOs received huge bonuses while bonuses were being cut for permanent employees.


Despite the game’s disastrous release on previous generation consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the game’s withdrawal from the Sony Digital Store – CD Projekt RED management may celebrate personal success. Board members will get huge bonuses We are talking about amounts in the range of 4-6 million dollars. The total amount to be divided among the five CEOs is 28 million USD (over 100 million PLN).

In theory, employees should have no reason to complain. After all that They will get a reward of $ 29.8 million. The problem is it To be distributed to 865 people. Give her An average of $ 34,000 per person. However, we should all know that “average” amounts have little real value. As Jason Schreyer points out, “If one person receives 100,000 and the other four receives 5,000, then we get an average of 24,000.”

A Bloomberg reporter can confirm that some CD Projekt RED employees will receive a bonus of $ 5- $ 9,000, while others, much older, will receive sums closer to $ 15-20,000. Countries. In the case of managers and directors – the money will be more.


Originally, the total bonuses were supposed to be higher for employees, as much as $ 50 million to be distributed.

Unfortunately, when comparing board rewards and bonuses for lower-level employees, it is impossible not to notice that these will not earn the same amount throughout their lives..

Cyberpunk 2077 plows the entire exchange.  Bravo, CD Project

Cyberpunk 2077 plows the entire exchange. Bravo, CD Project

Board remuneration here is based on the company’s net profits (i.e. what is obtained “clean”), previously explained by Adam Kisinski, one of the chief executives of CD Projekt RED.


However, the Bloomberg journalist has positive news as well. We can learn from this sinister report CD Projekt RED has increased the wages of lower-paying jobs – Testers and QC department among others. In this way, the company tries to keep the employees at home.

After all, Shrair concludes that this gap between the rewards of management and the rest of the employees cannot be ignored.

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