I beg you, leave us alone

At the funeral of the deceased Krzysztof Krautzek There was an incident that was widely reported in the media. The artist’s widow Marian Lichtman asked frankly from the ceremony, and Andre Cosmala accused him of promoting himself upon the death of his friend. A week after the funeral, the artist’s wife made a public appeal to the troubadour musician.

Iowa Krausek, Marianne Letsch at Krzysztof Krausek's funeralAt Krawczyk’s funeral, Lichtaman heard from the widow “Zegazdag”.

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We’ll all be missing Krzysztof Krawczyk. Some songwriters just never get old

Iowa Krausek pleads with Marianne Lichtman: I beg you, leave us alone

Iowa Krausek posted an “Appeal to Marian Lichtman and the journalists collaborating with him” on her deceased husband’s official file. In the entrance, the widow of Krzysztof Krausek has raised some personal strings that we will not pass in order to respect the family of the deceased. Iowa Krausek indicated at the start of her appeal that her husband had to warn her not to seal.

Marianne Lichtman, I have to say a few words, because I’m tired of your meddling in our affairs. A life-devoted friend of Crisio, now he is Andre Cosmala. My husband warned me about you because you always bring to the newspapers what is happening in our house. (…)

The widow of the late artist has one goal – Marian Lichtman wants to give up the media brawl and stop talking about the artist in the press.

Andrei Kosmala is still handling my husband’s affairs. And I implore you, leave it and do not confuse people and respect our mourning. Show your heart if you consider yourself to be friends, because they don’t! (…) The worst awaits us! Just don’t rush to the press now! Marianne, I beg you: Leave us alone! So much good health for you and your family!

You can read the full content of Iowa Krausek’s appeal to Marianne to conclude Here.

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