Immigrant arrivals were low in the first quarter, except at the poles. There are 2.5 thousand of us. Further

Working poles in a greenhouse in the Netherlands

Epidemic and related travel restrictions have in no way stopped the poles from coming to the Netherlands. In the first quarter of this year. The number of poles has increased by 2.5 thousand. Persons registered in the municipal register, according to the Dutch Statistics Office CBS.

For work, hard and low pay

Polish immigration to the Netherlands for economic reasons, which is now evident during epidemics.

A pole is not afraid of any work, and even an infection will not bother him.

Because you have to live with something.

Poles working in Dutch greenhouses or distribution centers have now become essential and valuable workers during epidemics.

It is a pity that this high estimate of employees does not translate into their income. They earn a little more, most work for a minimum wage, see minimum wage rates In the first quarter of 2021

There are 2.5 thousand of us. Further

The epidemic has reduced the movement of people on the move between countries. Both immigration and emigration to the Netherlands in the first quarter of 2021 were lower than in the same period last year.

The Netherlands introduced travel restrictions on the epidemic situation in December last year. From December 29, it was obligatory to pass the negative COVID-19 test, which was attended by planes, buses, trains and ships. We wrote about it This article.

In their aftermath The number of immigrants in the Netherlands is low.

The smallest decline has been reported among immigrants from the European Union. Car traffic is possible and there are no border restrictions. This helped staff to come to work in the Netherlands during epidemics.

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Therefore, the number of recorded poles has increased over the past year. And for thatPolar migration (return to the country) is less than immigration.

Number of poles in Q1 2021, photo: screenshot

As a result, in the first quarter of 2021, 2.5 thousand poles were recorded in the municipal register. This is 0.5 thousand more than it was in the first quarter of 2020.

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The second group, growing up in the Netherlands, are refugees from Syria, more than 2.2 thousand people.

A new record in 2021?

If this migration trend continues, there will be 10 thousand people throughout the year. Also, another record will be set (recorded) on the number of poles in the Netherlands.

The demand for cheap labor continues to grow, the economy begins to spin, and exports increase. In the first quarter of this year. Nearly 2 billion euros worth of flowers and pot plants were exported.

With the turn of events – the recorded poles, i.e. the high supply of Polish workers – Dutch employers and temporary employment agencies are very happy.

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Otherwise, the hourly wage may have to be increased. How the basic law of the economy works – the market pays more for scarce goods.

Florists are now rubbing their hands, and the price of flowers has soared in the market. They like it somewhat.

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