Index – Abroad – Vaccine tourism in Serbia is already in full swing

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form that leads to the free vaccination in Serbia, which is available on the Serbian government website, for which you only need to enter your passport number in addition to your name. The applicant can choose which of the vaccines he wants to get.

On the side of the Serbian government To apply You do not have to be a registered member of the site Form In addition, they can be completed not only on behalf of family members but also on behalf of others.

Currently in Russian Sputnik v, Sinoform in China, Pfizer / Bioendech in Germany and the United States, and AstroGeneca in the UK-Sweden.

According to official information, it is first registered and vaccinated by Serbian citizens who have contracted some serious diseases, and then by healthy Serbian citizens, and finally abroad.

However, experience has shown that when not enough vaccines are received from one manufacturer, those who prescribe or vaccinate a vaccine from another manufacturer will be ahead.

Therefore, in recent weeks, vaccines against cinnabar or astrogenogen have been reported unregistered by those who have appeared at designated vaccination sites.

According to press reports, thousands of foreigners have already been vaccinated in Serbia.

Most are from neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, northern Macedonia and Albania, but there is no discrimination on the basis of citizenship.

In principle, once a site or vaccine is released, competent authorities will notify applicants of the vaccination date. However, its disadvantage is that it can occur overnight, so if the vaccine is not shown at the scheduled time, you may start to register anew.

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