Index – Overseas – It is not known when the ship blocking the Suez Canal will be released

Suez Canal Prohibited cargo ship He was able to leave on Saturday, but news agencies reported that he did not know when he would be released.

A Panamanian-registered container carrier, Evergreen, was able to navigate only one direction at a time in a narrow area near the southern end of the canal connecting the Mediterranean with the Red Sea on Tuesday morning. Choi Kisen, a Japanese company operator, said the crash was caused by strong winds.

The Dutch company Boscalis is trying to free the 400 meter long ship with the help of tugs and trenches and take advantage of the waves. On Saturday, the ship was released from the rough and rudder sediment. About 20,000 tons of sand have already been dug around the ship’s bow, which is still a small amount. In addition, 9,000 tons of stabilizing water has already been discharged from the ship. Also, large duckboats are waiting to be on display at dawn on Sunday, and they expect the Sunday tide to be more than half a meter, which may help as well. Peter Berdowski, CEO of Boscolis, told Dutch television that he hoped it would be released. Ship.

However, the head of the Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabbi, told a news conference that he did not know when the ship would be released, but that it could happen even sooner. He did not rule out the possibility that anything other than strong winds, such as human neglect or technical failure, would cause the ship to capsize. As he said, he believes there is no need to unload the ship’s cargo, and they are ready for it: a crane stands on the shore. Unloading just 600 containers will greatly increase the length of the entire process. Ships waiting for this may come elsewhere.

The ship carries 18,300 containers. At both ends of the canal, a total of 321 boats are already waiting to cross.

The sea crosses a 193 km long canal World Trade About 12 percent. In the case of unrestricted traffic, this means about 50 ships a day.

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