Industrial production in Poland is in the top six in the European Union despite Germany’s problems

We cannot match Ireland’s results, as such high dynamics for the industry are extremely rare. But more and more countries are in front of us on a union scale. Poland is still sixth place well, given the collapse of the industry of our largest recipient of exports, that is Germany.

  • Production in Poland increased in February by 4.3 percent. R / o puts us eighth in Europe – the worst since May of last year We are sixth in the union
  • The reason for the slowdown lies beyond our western borders. German factory results are disappointing, and they receive components from factories in Poland
  • Ireland ranks indisputably 1st in Europe. Today Intel and pharmaceutical companies’ investments provide the largest increase in production
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The pandemic crisis not only spared Ireland, it gave it an additional development stimulus. According to Eurostat data, industrial production there increased in February By 41.4 percent every year. For this country, similar figures are not strange, because higher dynamics were announced exactly five years ago.

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