Informal: It’s over! Superliga has been suspended

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The courageous project for the exit of the strongest clubs from the European Union began on Tuesday evening, which was presented Sunday evening, losing its supporters. Six English tycoons (Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal) have officially announced their withdrawal from participation in the new competition. This decision was greatly influenced by the fans of the aforementioned teams, who severely criticized their clubs and placed banners in their seats calling for their withdrawal from the Premier League.

Critical views have also been voiced by world soccer personalities, including Zbigniew Boniek. Politicians were also involved in the case. His position was expressed, among other things, by the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson. Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi also appealed to the clubs.

At the same time, UEFA threatened severe sanctions. The European Union announced a massive lawsuit against the “revolutionaries”. The founding clubs of the Premier League have been threatened with expulsion from the national leagues. Players playing in it were to be excluded from the possibility of playing in the national team in the European Championship or the World Championship.

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