Inspirational Katarzyna Cichopek performs Tibetan rituals and counts a short lost (pics)

Katharzina will see you She could have counted on her surge in popularity recently, when, like many colleagues in the & nbspbrain industry, she went on an odd vacation. She traveled to the Dominican Republic, where she went with a member of her family, Marcin HakeelThe actress has faced a wave of criticism from Internet users. There have been accusations under her Instagram “People are dying, but the party cream is having fun.”.

Despite the bitter words of disaffected netizens, the 38-year-old never stopped sharing holiday content with & nbspfanami. Bad impression Katie She tried blurring the hot photos from & nbspplaży that she had earned herself Lots of compliments.


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Meanwhile, the 38-year-old has arrived from a distant expedition and is back in gray Polish reality. W & nbs supplement the home budget for Major Question about breakfast It helps promote various types of products on Instagram, including YA perfume and jewelry brand. A mother of two children decided, on Tuesday, in a completely original way to advertise clothes for sports, that is, to abandon the clothes recommended by her friend. Tibetan rituals. She showed her husband Marcin Häckel’s full training course to fans at Instastory, as she bent down the carpet in a tight-fitting outfit.


Girls, do you know Tibetan rituals? – & nbspa sweaty celebrities asked after the fact. These quick exercises like this to keep us in shape. A friend of mine advised me and I decided to test it on my skin. Hope it’s really warm soon and we’ll be able to Take our physical activity outside.

Embarrassed by the workouts, Chicopec didn’t notice that the tight tightness in the crotch area caused efekt “camel toe”

Would you also be tempted by such rituals?

bDVMt Yes

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