Iowa Krausek recalls the death of Krzysztof Krausek: “I left him. I was hoping for a miracle.”

The echoes of death continue Krzysztof Krautzek. This is due to the conflicting relatives of the musician. The media exchange of views continued for nearly three weeks between the artist’s wife, Yes a Marianne Lichtman I Krzysztof Cwynar. The dispute mainly concerns the son of the star – Krzysztof Krawczyk JuniorWhich because of the uninteresting financial situation Apparently, he’s currently fighting to have a roof over his head.

Friday, a widow Krawczyk She was the heroine of the final episode of TVP Warning!She argued that she wanted the best for her deceased husband’s son.


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Iowa also told how to cope with losing her boyfriend:


I miss him all the time, for example when I go to sleep. Even despite the habit, I put toothpaste on his toothbrush because I thought it would come on right away and clean his teeth. I miss him so much, which is why I accept his picture and his things and sleep in his shirt – She said in the first interview after the singer’s death, then remembers the moment Krzysztof came home before his death after spending several weeks in the hospital:

When he arrived on Saturday, when I ran to the ambulance, we cried and couldn’t tear ourselves apart. (…) I cried, I cried. What a poor …

The woman claims that at first the singer felt fine, but after a few days his condition began to deteriorate:

It was in great shape, maybe not 100%, but it wasn’t bad. He was so happy to be back home. (…) Returns to the events of a month ago and adds: Already on Monday it was bad …


Ewa admits that when her husband’s condition got worse, she didn’t know what to do. But she did not allow herself to think about the worst:

I didn’t know what death was … I was sure it was a temporary crisis. I did my best. He fought, fought too much, was hoping to get out. He was defending himself a lot, and I could see him in his eyes.

During an emotional interview, the woman admitted that she had been in contact with a friend’s doctor who was explaining step-by-step over the phone what to do.

It was she who decided to call an ambulance and she would call my family. I say: What about the family? Namely: Don’t say anything, follow my instructions.. When the family arrived, the ambulance arrived … – The bereaved wife summoned the day the artist died.


Eve also described how she looked Farewell her husband. W. Warning! Said that 61-year-old I lay beside KrzysztofTrying to talk to him.

I lay beside him and said:Krzysiu, say something to me ” – I asked … He took his hand and placed it on my cheek and said, “My doll, my love.” Laayoune returned to somewhere … I was hoping he would survive, even though the emergency room man was not given any chance. I was hoping for a miracle … – Iowa Krawczyk admitted the desperate.

In an interview with TVP, the woman also referred to the media turmoil around her person, expressing regret for not being able to mourn Krzysztof peacefully, because people They look at her wallet and criticize her actions …

I do not wish my greatest enemy would attack me. (…) Let people stop interfering!


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