Iowa Warsz is dead. The well-known “Church” actress died at the age of 83

Died Iowa Warszos – She reported to the Polish Theater Artists Association. The well-known actress, among other things, was 83 years old as Wnukowa in the series “Plebania” and actor Janusz Bukowski’s widow.

On the evening of April 14, the Union of Polish Theater Artists announced this Iowa Warsz is dead. The actress, who became famous to viewers with the role of Noka in The Presbytery, died at the age of 83. Details, including the cause of the death of Iowa Warzoz, have not been made public.

Iowa Warsz is dead. The departure of the star of “The Church” and “My Father”

We have the sad news of the departure of Iowa Warzoz, a great theater and film actress, member of ZASP. The artist was associated with theaters in Krakow and Warsaw. Rest in peace – We read the announcement that appeared on the official ZASP file.

On social media, there are farewell entrances in memory of the artist. Iowa and Razoy are mainly associated with theater, but have many TV and movie roles to her account. It has played, among other things, “The Last Shot”, “Two Ribs of Adam”, “Echo”, “Report 07”, “In the Maze” and “The 13th Station”. In Maciej Lesicki’s film “Dad”, she played a strict judge. In her turn, in the series “Plebania” she played the role of Wnukowa – the main competitor of the seller of Grzybowa.

Iowa Wurzuz was the wife of actor Janusz Bukowski, with whom she bore a son. She died at the age of 83.

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