J. Biden’s dog Major was allowed to return to the White House

In an interview aired Wednesday, Biden said the Major was actually a “cute dog” who was bitten by a security agent at the White House. Describing the unpleasant incident, he said the dog “came out of the corner, there were two people who were completely unfamiliar to him … they moved and he rushed to the rescue.”

Mr Biden added: “85 percent [Baltuosiuose rūmuose dirbančių] People love ”his dog.

After the incident, the three-year-old major and 12-year-old soldier were transferred to Mr Biden’s home in Delaware, but the president promised to return to the White House.

The president said “dogs are currently being trained” in Delaware, but dismissed speculation that the dogs were evicted as a result of the incident. According to Biden, the dogs went to Wilmington as the first pair prepared to leave town.

“He had to go home,” Biden said. – We did not evict him [savo] House. Jill was about to leave for four days. I had to leave for two, so we took him home. “

Before Biden’s Dogs, Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dogs Go and Sunny, George W. Many presidential pets, including Bush’s Scottish Terrier Barney, lived in the White House. President Donald Trump has no pets.

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