Janusz Shapur with Agata W ± tróbska in Kuba Wojewódzki. They said how they met

Janusz Shapur, a well-known actor, among othersat. From Pitbull, Crown Witness, or Blinded by the Lights, in August 2019, during a trip to Italy, and more specifically to Corleone, he proposed to his sweetheart. Less than a year later, in June, he married Agata Wątróbska, who was 18 years his junior. On the couch in Kuba Wojewódzki They said about their relationship.

Janusz Shapur, Agata and WaterrupskaJanusz Chabior found a recipe for a successful relationship. Radiators to the limit

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“The power couple.” The terrifying Agata Wtróbska lost her nerve

Janusz Shapur in Kuba Wojewódzki

Janusz Shapur And his partner have been married for a year. Recently the couple is talking more and more willingly in the media about their relationship, for example on “Power Couple”. Kuba Wojewódzki also decided to get some information from them. The actor said in front of the cameras that he met his wife seven years ago.

It happened. At some point, Agata Wątróbska came my way. It is true that it appeared seven years ago, but it was not that time and it was not the beautiful conditions of nature, so our relationship had to grow on this yeast – Shapur admitted.

The spouses will certainly remember the day their close relationship began – Janusz Shapur chose Agata and Wotrupska on New Year’s Eve. Although they have known each other for several years, the actor has yet to recognize his boyfriend!

I had to wait these seven years for this pickup. It happened on New Years Eve and the best part was that Janusz didn’t recognize me. This is the type. But the bottom line: What will you drink? – The actor’s wife spoke about the beginnings.

Agata Wątróbska also said how personal Janusz Chabior is, who, as he himself admitted, is considered by many people to be a “demon face”.

I don’t know if he’s showing this page on TV, but it’s so sensitive, and interesting – revealed.

Did you expect it to be very different at home from a screen?

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