Jason Schreyer on the compensation controversy over CD Projekt’s Board of Directors and employees

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April 30, 2021, 5:10 pm

In his recent article posted on Bloomberg, Jason Schreier will talk about the bonuses that CD Projekt’s bosses have earned and how they look in terms of the sums that other employees have received. The disparity is very large.

A quick glance

  1. Jason Schreier will bring to your attention the issue of high remuneration that water miners receive in CD Projekt’s capital group.
  2. The discrepancy between the awards they receive and those granted to the regular employees is very large.
  3. On the positive side, CD Projekt recently reassessed the salary and raises the salaries of some lower-paying jobs, such as testers.

Two weeks ago, Capital Group CD Projekt Brags With their financial results for the fiscal year 2020. And they completely break records – revenues will exceed 2 billion PLN, and profits will exceed 1.1 billion PLN. All thanks to the premiere, of course. Cyberpunk 2077That would sell nearly 14 million copies. As a result, the VIPs at CD Projekt received very large bonuses calculated, according to contracts, on the basis of the net profits of the company. Adam Kischsky won nearly 30 million zlotys, Marcin Iweski and Piotr Nilubovi won just over 24 million zlotys, Adam Padovsky and Misha Novakovsky won 16.7 million zlotys (via Interested in the trade). This clearly sparked a lot of controversy among many people interested in the commercial side of the electronic entertainment industry, including celebrity journalist Jason Schreyer.

evil Published Today on Bloomberg’s website there is a new transcript highlighting why these high bonuses for CD Projekt board members are not entirely appropriate. First of all, in his opinion Cyberpunk 2077 It will not perform as well in the market as it may appear. Marx He said 13 million copies of the title had been sold in the first week of its release, less than analysts had expected. And more sales did not go completely as planned, which is why, for example You will remove Playstation store tytuu z.

As Schreyer notes, lower-than-expected sales results have led to lower wages and, accordingly, a smaller bonus package for permanent employees. According to official data, it amounted to 29.8 million dollars (about 112.4 million Polish zlotys). The total should be divided into 865 employees. Schreyer managed to find some of them. They told him that younger people had received bonuses from 5,000 (about 18.8 thousand PLN) to more than 9,000 (about 34,000 PLN), while more experienced people could count on an allowance of 15,000 (about 56,000 PLN). 5,000 PLN) to US $ 20,000 (about 75,400 PLN). Moreover, there are also managers and directors who are likely to get more. Even if we take into account the fact that at the beginning of this year, all these employees additionally received different and slightly smaller bonuses for getting good results, the disparities between the game and the Dean are large. According to the honor of the employees themselves, they relied on much more than that.

He concludes this entire excerpt from the analysis of Sinister numbers as follows:

Four members of the board of directors own approximately 33% of the company’s shares, which are due as of launch day Cyberpunk It is down 57%. But in one year they will get a higher bonus than many workers will get in their lives.

Jason Schreyer and Konverversjach Walk

In an interview with investors, Adam Kicheski assured that the rewards for the board are good, as this is due to profits and contracts. / rdo: StrefaInwestorw.pl

However, there is some light in the tunnel to improve pay on CD Projekt RED. According to a Schreier source, the company recently reassessed wages and increased payments in some of the lower-paying jobs. To bring it in line with European standards. We are talking, for example, about testers.

If you want to read more about the salary controversy over the heads of big game companies, then We invite you to read yesterday Messages Oh, Bobim Kotiko. Most likely, under pressure from shareholders, he agreed to cut his salary in half and cancel two bonuses totaling $ 200 million (about 760 million Polish zlotys). Perhaps in the future CD Projekt water lovers will meet a similar fate.

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