Joanna Krupa put her childhood photo along with her daughter’s picture. Can you see the similarities? (picture)

Less than two years Asha LeeThe long-awaited daughter Joanna Krupa and Douglas NunesShe won the title of most beloved child in the Polish show business with astonishing speed. Small itself is nice. In addition, fans appreciate the fact that Joanna allows her to fully enjoy her childhood, dress appropriately for her age and leave a pleasant noise in the playroom. Unfortunately, this is extremely rare among modern mothers.

On the weekend, we once again had the opportunity to see how he spends his free time Joanna Krupa I & nbspjej the person closest to the heart. He organized a mom-daughter duo at & nbspsalon Little dance partyPlus looking at vintage photos from the time the 41-year-old was still in the Ashy-Leigh era. Of course, the star could not fail to show off the results of his research.


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Joanna put a picture of her childhood along with a photo of her daughter, and she asked fans if they were the same. I have to admit that if both photos were black and white, it would be hard to guess whether we were looking at them. For Joanna or Asha. The daughter looks like a mother, People participating in the Krupa Instastory forum seem to agree with & nbspplebiscite.


Do you also agree that mother and daughter are like two drops of water?


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